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IMAG0526Stop 4 for my burger research is Gibbet Hill Grill. (See Trade, LAH, jm Curley) The location is breathtaking. In 2004, an extensive trail was opened to the public that winds through the working farm.

IMAG0528I was taking M out for her birthday dinner – even if it was 3 months later!

IMAG0529Gibbet Hill Grill is located in Groton, MA, about an hour from Boston. It is owned by the Webber siblings and is led by executive chef Tom Fosnot. They try to use as many ingredients from local farmers as possible.

IMAG0530We have reservations on Saturday night around 6:30, there is a wedding going on at the barn and the restaurant is in full swing. It is a good idea to make reservations as there was a long wait for walk-ins.

IMAG0534We are seated upstairs in the loft area. It’s a little quieter up here…for a moment…until the two tables that flank us are sat, one with a screaming baby and the other with a 6 top of intoxicated couples.

IMAG0531I love a good bread basket, and I love corn bread!

IMAG0532Warm asparagus ($10) comes topped with a poached egg and crispy onions on some house cured ham.

IMAG0533The mussels ($11) are steamed with white wine and garlic and are served with tomatoes and oregano. These are delicious, so flavorful you just want to dip your bread in the white wine and garlic sauce.

IMAG0536The 6oz filet ($26) looked a little lost of this big plate…and while we asked for it to be cooked medium rare, it came out more like medium well. Still tasty though.

IMAG0537The steaks come with two sides, we chose carrots and garlic mashed potatoes.

IMAG0538The Gibbet Hill Farm burger ($16) comes with pork belly confit, smoked gouda and red pepper mayo. The pork belly made this burger a little hard to eat because of the height it added. Like the steak, the burger was cooked more than requested and the pork belly had a charred taste to it.

IMAG0547While we were full, we still had dessert. I had the milk and cookies ($8), how cute is this plate?!


M had the pot de Creme ($8).

Have you been to Gibbet Hill? What is your favorite menu item?

Gibbet Hill Grill

61 Lowell Road

Groton, MA

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