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imag0824Totto Ramen is a small shop on Brighton Ave., sandwiched between a hair salon and Tavern on the Square. There’s no place to wait inside, so we wait on the street – looking at signs that say no takeout, no delivery and cash only. Standing out on the street brings back memories of when Tavern on the Square used to be the Kells…

imag0825We are able to get in on a Friday night, in under 15 minutes. The restaurant is crowded – with every seat at the counter taken and three people squeezed onto tables meant for two.

img_20140627_205312I’m liking the Totto Extra Spicy ramen, check out how many chili peppers there are next to it. Not for the faint of heart!

imag0827If you grab a seat at the counter, you can catch a glimpse of guys hand pulling noodles.


We order on extra spicy ramen ($11) with a side of extra noodles (no brainer) and added in some corn. Super filling, we almost didn’t finish it all. We also had the Paitan Ramen ($9.75) with chicken in chicken broth. The service was good and we would definitely go back again!

Totto Ramen

169 Brighton Ave., Allston, MA

Totto Ramen on Urbanspoon

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IMAG0155I’ve been working on a series with Bon Me, featuring the great people they have working on their trucks called “Meet your Maker“. I decided that I also wanted to try out their brick and mortar location in Cambridge, the Bon Me Noodle Stop, open only on Friday night and all day on Saturday. (Their official hours are: Friday nights 5pm-10pm // Saturday all day 11am-10pm.)

IMAG0146It was a rainy day, so there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic. There were two other tables occupied late on a Saturday afternoon. A host at the door takes your order on an iPad and gives you a number. Grab a seat and they bring your order out to your table when it is ready – and when you are done, you bus your own table.

IMAG0151So what’s on the menu?


[v] corn roasted on the cob sriracha mayo + toasted crumbs, $4

chicken cabbage wraps pickled daikon and korean pepper sauce, $5

[v] wok roasted green beans crispy shallot + garlic, $4

shrimp chips our twist on a snack-time classic! , $3



add a soft egg* to any dish for $2!

chicken and pork meatball rice noodle + lotus root + coconut curry broth, $9

lemongrass chicken glass noodle + roasted cauliflower + chili ginger sauce, $9

[v] spring vegetables  soba noodles + asparagus + soft boiled egg + cilantro-chickpea pesto, $9

chinese bbq pork udon noodles + miso pork broth + charred scallion, $10

lemongrass chicken, chinese bbq pork, or paprika roasted tofu spicy mayo + pork pâté + pickled carrot, $6



bon me banana bread sundae banana bread + vanilla ice cream+ miso chocolate sauce, $5



sparkling mango limeade $4

thai basil limeade $3

thai iced tea $3

hot MEM teas $2

IMAG0152It was a pork kind of day! We had the Chinese BBQ pork sandwich, a sweet and savory Bon Me version of Chinese roasted Char Siu Pork. I LOVE the picked carrots, they add a really nice flavor and texture to any of the dishes at Bon Me.


The chinese bbq pork with udon noodles + miso pork broth + charred scallion was delicious. There were pieces of squash, garlic and bean spouts in the soup as well, a really great lunch on a rainy day. The portions are large, I couldn’t finish! The flavors were bold, certainly a comfort food dish. The noodle dishes are only available at the One Kendall location, they are not offered on the truck, so if you want something really special, stop by their One Kendall location.

Bon Me Noodle Stop

One Kendall, Cambridge, MA

Bon Me Noodle Stop on Urbanspoon

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IMG_3856Since we were on Newbury Street, we decided to pop into Snappy Ramen, formerly known as Snappy Sushi.

IMG_3854We used to come here for lunch when we worked in the Back Bay – they have great grab and go sushi, and you can get brown rice sushi!

IMG_3843The have a small upper balcony seating area as well as seating downstairs. They were doing a lot of take out business while we were there.

IMG_3842I love the chalk art menu on the wall, it looks great!

IMG_3845We start with the edamame. Salty and delicious.

IMG_3850Check out the spicy lobster ramen! Really bright colors, a little spicy and a generous portion of lobster (the portion in general was quite large – I couldn’t finish).

IMG_3851And how can you go and not have sushi? We had the spicy shrimp tempura which did not disappoint, the tempura was quite crunchy, and super fresh.

Snappy Ramen

108 Newbury Street, Boston, MA

Snappy Sushi on Urbanspoon

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IMG_2551There has to be good for at the Super 88 market, every time you drive/walk by, there is a line to get into the parking lot and the food court is packed. We recently got take out from Pikaichi, which took over the space formerly occupied by Ken’s Ramen House. Ken closed his doors in 2011 to move back to Japan While no one’s ramen can compare to Ken’s, who imported noodles from Japan, Pikaichi does offer some delicious dishes . Pikaichi boasts that they serve 6oz of ramen in their dishes, where the industry standard is 5oz.

IMG_2552The part I love most is that they give you all the pieces of the meal separately – no soggy, bloated ramen noodles here.

IMG_2558The portions here are generous – with the additional ramen and the thin slices of pork.  The broth is salty and allows the other flavors in the dish to shine through. Overall, we were very satisfied with this meal.


1 Brighton Ave, Boston, MA

Pikaichi on Urbanspoon

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IMG_3689I was invited to a test marketing event at Itadaki on Newbury Street. Santouka ramen is the biggest ramen franchise in Japan. They are here in Boston for 3 days only, March 3-5. They will  be offering ramen from 4pm-9pm (or until they sell out).

IMG_3683They are only serving 200 bowls of ramen a night. We showed up at around 6:00 and there was a line out the door. We managed to grab a few seats at the bar.

IMG_3687They are only serving one kind of ramen, the shio ramen (salt flavored), which is their signature dish. The ramen had a wood ear mushroom, bamboo, scallions,pork pot roast, a fish cake and a pickled plum. The dish was a generous portion for the price ($10). The meat was quite flavorful, and the fish cake wasn’t too fishy. The pickled plum was a bit of a surprise. It looks a bit like a cranberry, and for some reason I thought it would be chewy, when in fact, it was crunchy with almost a tart flavor.

IMG_3690If you are planning on attending the event, get there early – as they were sold out by around 6:30pm.


269 Newbury Street, Boston, MA

Itadaki Boston on Urbanspoon

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IMG_1552A cold day calls for soup, and in this instance, Ramen! A few coworkers and I run out to Wagamama to pick up some soup. I call ahead and am placed on hold for 5 minutes. I hang up and call back and my order is taken right away. When we head to the restaurant, we see why…the place is packed, there is no one working the host stand, and the host is running around trying to fill take out orders while managing the staff that seems to be wandering needing some guidance.

IMG_1545The lid above is from the spicy ramen, how cute right? I get the good old standby chicken ramen, noodles in a chicken and pork broth topped with marinated grilled chicken breast, baby spinach, menma and scallion. You can order any of the soups with vegetable broth and many of the soups can be made vegetarian (with tofu instead of meat) so there is something for everyone. They even offer gluten free options. For around $12, you get a TON of chicken and a good portion of noodles, this is certainly enough for two meals!


Faneuil Hall in the Quincy Marketplace, Boston, MA

Wagamama on Urbanspoon

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Myung Dong is located on the corner of Harvard and Brighton Ave. The decor is sparse, TV’s on the wall playing K-pop and some graffiti on the wall. Other than that, it looks like a typical Allston bar on the inside. The food however is delicious.

KImchi Pancake: Korean style pancake lightly pan fried with scallions and kimchi; served with seasoned soy sauce. A little spicy, lip tingling. A hearty dish.

IMG_9540Small order of fried dumplings: Lightly fried pork & vegetable dumplings; served with seasoned soy sauce. I love these – a really delicious dumpling – the filling is tasty and the wontons are perfectly golden brown.

IMG_9541Bibimbop: Fresh vegetables, a fried egg and beef. This hot pot dish is a favorite – mix it all up and meld all the flavors together.

IMG_9544Mandoo ramen: Ramen noodles, pork dumplings, scallions, sliced carrots, and egg drop in a spicy broth. The ramen is amazing. The broth is spicy – not unbearable, but spicy. The dumplings plus the noodles make this a carb lovers dream. By the time I was done, I was completely full. I was dreaming about this ramen for the whole week!


Dduk Ramen: Ramen noodles with rice cakes, scallions, sliced carrots, and egg drop in a spicy broth. We went back and had takeout the following week – I had been thinking about this ramen since we were there before. It combines my favorite things, rice cake noodles and ramen. The broth was spicy, but bearable. The soup was good at home, but I think for best results, ramen is best consumed at the restaurant.

Myung Dong 1st Ave

90 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA

Myung Dong 1st Avenue on Urbanspoon

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