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IMAG0391We met Ruth and Joe, my cousins, in Worcester for our monthly meal together. We headed out to a new spot, Livia’s dish.

IMAG0394We are usually horribly late, but today we are here first. We sit and look over the menu while we wait for our dining companions to arrive.

IMAG0392The decor inside is simple and a bit dated, but the food is pretty good, and the price is right!

IMAG0395The nutella French toast ($7.99) was enormous, and I couldn’t even get halfway through it! As I mentioned before, the price is right, four of us for breakfast and the bill was less than $50! Service was good – they allowed us to sit and chit chat well after the time when they close for lunch. If you’re ever in Worcester and looking for a casual bite, stop in!


Livia’s Dish

1394 Main Street, Worcester, MA

Livia's Dish on Urbanspoon

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IMG_2777Let me start by saying that I am fully aware that hotel pictures on their websites, rarely look that way in real life. The Hilton Lake Las Vegas looked stunning in the photos on the website. We pulled into the garage and the lot was empty. When we got into the elevator, it was dingy. Nowhere does it say Hilton – just Montelago and casino, which we would soon find out was, in fact the Hilton.

IMG_2740I can imagine in the nicer weather when you’re able to use the pool that this place would be more attractive. The reason why we chose this hotel was because we didn’t want to be right on the strip. We were doing other activities while we were in Vegas and figured this would be a nice quiet getaway. The hotel is about 30 minutes from the airport and the strip, and while they do offer a shuttle, I believe it runs from 9am to 9:30pm and runs every 3 hours, who is ready to leave the strip/dinner by 9:30? The shuttle makes one stop at MGM Grand.

IMG_2811The lobby looks like it is newly renovated. The hotel is rated a Hilton Category 6, so we thought it would be a decent hotel (Hilton ranks hotel free nights on a scale from 1-10, 1 being 5,000 points for a reward night and 10 being 70,000-90,000 points).  We paid for the hotel room, but the amount of points needed for a free night is usually a good indicator of hotel quality.

IMG_2749When we arrived, the people at the front desk had mentioned that a convention had just left, so the property was pretty quiet.

IMG_2750As Hilton Gold members, you are usually given a complimentary room upgrade if there is one available. We had booked a lake view room but it seemed as though we were pretty far away and there was no room upgrade.

IMGWe were in the right side of the “U” in the 1502-1512 block of rooms.

IMG_2807As we walked down the hallway to our room, we noticed obvious paint touch ups and stains on the carpet.

IMG_2741The room felt pretty dated and frankly a little dirty.


IMG_2743The view of the courtyard was nice.

IMG_2744There was a stain on the bench at the end of the bed. (umm…eew? Trust me it looked worse in person.)

IMG_2746The bathroom did have a tub and a shower, though the standup shower did feel a little tight.

IMG_2748Here’s a better picture of the view from our room. It certainly had a European feel to it, but felt more old and tired than charming.

IMG_2758The lake area.

IMG_2757There were two choices for lunch, a Mexican option and an Italian option. They had a little shopping area, but all the shops were empty  and for lease. The casino was also temporarily closed.

IMG_2813Needless to say, this is not what we were expecting and we decided to cancel our reservation after one night and move closer to the strip. We went downstairs to the Medici Cafe for breakfast the next morning – Hilton Gold members are offered a complimentary continental breakfast. They also offered a hot buffet. There were two other tables sat while we were eating breakfast.

IMG_2814We were able to choose our three pastries and we were offered a selection of fruit, which I have to admit, did not taste fresh.

Hilton Lake Las Vegas

1610 Lake Las Vegas Parkway, Henderson, Nevada

Medici on Urbanspoon

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IMG_0852You may have seen Green bean in Copley on Stuart Street in the mornings. Now, they are serving lunch in Government Center on Thursdays! We get there and they guy on the truck immediately recognizes and greets my two coworkers who live on Green Bean’s coffee in the morning. They offer organic and fair trade coffee and how cool is it that their truck is solar powered?

IMG_0851The wind is whipping around us as we decide what we want to order. My first thought is waffle, for sure. But then my inner adult screams, that’s not a responsible lunch. Boo! So I opt for the Eastie – Turkey, avocado, bacon, tomato, cheese & chipotle aioli on Texas toast.

IMG_0853The sandwich was pretty tasty, although I wish there were a different kind of cheese on the sandwich, just to kick it up another notch. Really excited to try their breakfast items and of course, a waffle! Find them at breakfast at Stuart Street.

Green Bean Mobile Cafe

Green Bean Mobile Cafe on Urbanspoon

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IMG_9757Located a quick step away from our hotel, we grab a quick breakfast at La Parisienne.

IMG_9758It’s quite the old school diner, the place is a bit dated and could certainly be described as “no frills”. The booths are small and they are named after people.

IMG_9759Our service is quick and the food is ok (nothing to write home about but certainly edible). Note that on the menu the pictures say that they are just examples of what the food looks like, not the actual thing. (odd?) The breakfast sandwich was decent, they only had plain bagels.

IMG_9760The price is right here, an affordable breakfast in Midtown for sure. The food could have used a bit more flavoring – the eggs and the potatoes didn’t taste much like anything. Would I seek this place out for breakfast, probably not, but it would certainly do in a pinch.

La Parisienne

910 7th Ave
(between 57th St & 58th St)
New York, NY 10019

La Parisienne Coffee House on Urbanspoon

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IMG_0553Maison Villatte opened lsummer 2012 on Main Street in Falmouth. Townies and tourists alike flocked to this new place like bees to honey. The line during peak season is out the door and around the block.

IMG_0563The craze for Maison Villatte hasn’t died down, this past summer, there are days you get in, and they have run out of croissants.

IMG_0564We’ve come in the fall, off peak season, and there is still a little bit of a line. The locals love this place. The one thing I might change is that they should have menus by the door, so those waiting in line can figure out what they want and be prepared when they are asked if they are being helped.

IMG_0559Ask you wait in line, you can look over all of the delicious pastries they have to offer.

IMG_0558Villatte, the baker and owner, is also the owner of the popular Wellfleet bakery PB Boulangerie and Bistro. Villatte trained in France and in 2005, he came to the US and worked at the Wynn in Las Vegas.

IMG_0557It’s hard not to drool all over the case, everything looks delicious.

IMG_0556There are certainly more dessert options than lunch options.

IMG_0560The caprese sandwich is pre made. The bread is quite tasty, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside, just like a good French bread should be.

IMG_0566The potato and leek soup is creamy and warm, but lacks flavor and spice.

IMG_0561The ham and cheese croissant is delicious.

IMG_0565They warmed it up for me, and the croissant couldn’t be tastier, crisp on the outside, buttery and flaky on the inside.

IMG_0567Something sweet at the end of every meal – we get the almond croissant. It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven. I love the flavor and the texture, it’s finished before I even know what happened. Lunch was on the pricey side, for about $40, I felt like I should have been getting something more. The service was ok, and we had to bus our own tables – when we sat down the people before us had really left a mess.  There is a fair amount of seating inside as well as tables outside if the weather is nice. Certainly worth a stop in if you haven’t been, there isn’t anything else around that is like it.

Maison Villatte

267 Main Street, Falmouth, MA

Maison Villatte on Urbanspoon

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IMG_0550We went to Clover for dinner, but wanted to stop by for breakfast after we saw the menu options. The popovers ($2) were just out of the oven – yum. They are so delciously eggy and light, yum! Popovers are simple to make (the recipe is just flour, eggs, milk, salt and butter) and yet they have a way of making you feel like you’re eating something so fancy.

IMG_0551The breakfast sandwich has an egg, lightly sprinkled with pepper, cheese and tomato in a pita pocket all for just $3. It’s so simple, and yet so delicious (never mind fresh and totally affordable!!) The service here is friendly as always and we were in and out the door which is always nice. We’re in and out in under 10 minutes and have to smile to ourselves as we watch the people across the street waiting in line to get into Martin’s for breakfast!

Clover BLV

6 Harvard St., Brookline, MA

Weekdays 7am-9pm, Weekends 8am-9pm

Clover BLV on Urbanspoon

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IMG_9884Located in Noho, we stopped into Lafayette for breakfast Monday morning. The morning was hot and muggy, and although the patio looked lovely, we chose to grab a seat inside.

IMG_9885I love the retro feel of this place, the decor is top notch. I had really high hopes for this place.

IMG_9891Service was good, our waitress and supporting waitstaff were very attentive. However, it took 3 tries to get a hot cup of coffee.

IMG_9889See their breakfast menu here. I had the lemon pancakes with berries ($16). The pancakes were delicious, light and fluffy. The top pancake was a little raw in the center, but the other two were delicious – who can eat three large pancakes anyway? Breakfast will run you about $12-$16, and there are so many good choices here. They have a lovely bakery case, so you can certainly stop in and pick something up to go, a croissant or perhaps a macaron…


380 Lafayette Street
corner of Great Jones Street
New York, NY 10003

(212) 533 3000

Lafayette on Urbanspoon

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IMG_9832There are so many locations all over New York City. We stopped in at the Central Park location at 58th and 7th which was close to the hotel.

IMG_9834The place was crowded with tourists – and all the waiters were in the weeds. I started by ordering a strawberry lemonade that was so tart it made your cheeks pucker.

IMG_9837I ordered the Belgian waffle with fresh fruit. While it was quite small it was deliciously crisp and have a wonderful sweetness to it.

IMG_9836We also had the bread basket that came with a nice variety of breakfast offerings. Our waiter brought over a nice selection of jams and spreads to go with the basket, my favorite being a white chocolate spread – which I might love even more than nutella! If it’s a nice day, I suggest grabbing some pastry and taking it out to eat in the park!

Le Pain Quotidien

922 Seventh Avenue
NYC, NY 10019
Corner of 58th Street

Le Pain Quotidien on Urbanspoon

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IMG_9537We had gone to Hash House A Go Go in San Diego a while back. We were excited to find out that there was one a little closer. We meet my cousins every few months, and this time we picked Mohegan Sun Casino. This sort of feels like the “was museum” version of Has House A Go Go. Yes, it looks like the one in San Diego, but doesn’t quite have the same feel. That being said, the food was still delicious. Since I had eggs the last time, I was determined to get a pancake this time. And while I knew I wasn’t going to be able to eat it all, it was certainly amusing trying. I had the blackberry granola pancake – it was as big as a dinner plate. It came jam packed with berries and even had a few raisins in it. Pretty delicious and decadent – although it takes a few bites to get used to the granola texture inside the pancake.


And sticking with “the basic” we were happy with the two scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage and a biscuit. The food was good, but we longed for the ambiance and personality of the San Diego location. The service was decent – our waitress was so so, there were times when we were searching for someone to freshen our coffee cups…and no one was in site.

Hash House A Go Go

1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard, Uncasville, CT 06382

Hash House A Go Go on Urbanspoon

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IMG_9028Solstice is the main restaurant in Stowe Mountain Lodge. Breakfast is served from 7-11. Sunday morning, while the guys play golf, we go out to breakfast. They have coffee in the bar area outside the restaurant (see picture above), but they have run out and people are starting to get antsy. I had made a reservation but there was a wedding at the hotel last night, and breakfast is a mess. There are tons of families with kids, there are about 10 people in line ahead of us, the hostess is flustered and she is setting tables as she seats them. She’s young and looks stressed, they could have been better prepared for this kind of situation. It takes us about 15 minutes to get to the front of the line. When we are seated, we are put in a back table, near lots of tables of screaming kids. I like kids, don’t get me wrong, but people here, servers and parents alike are looking a bit frazzled and overwhelmed.

IMG_8981We sit at the table with menus and no one comes over for 20 minutes. I finally get up and ask the man who appears to be a manager (he is standing by the kitchen putting the garnish on the plates, and the only one in a suit) if someone can come and take our order. Our waiter is a bit desheveled and is running around like mad man. He finally takes our order, we both get the french toast. This is how the plate comes. I kid you not, when I bit into the bacon, it was so overcooked it basically turned to powder.

IMG_8982I was embarrassed to ask for new bacon, but look at the difference! The food was far too much for us to eat, we probably could have shared an order. Service was awful, we were ignored and didn’t have the relaxing breakfast we had hoped for. The food, which on previous visits here for dinner has normally been good, wasn’t as good as it should have been for the price. At this point, we had wished we had just hopped in the car and went to grab a bagel in town.


7412 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT

Solstice on Urbanspoon

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