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imag1342Mark (fortunately) forgot his lunch last week, making it an excellent opportunity to head out to Gene’s Chinese Flatbread cafe over in Downtown Crossing.

imag1340This tiny restaurant is packed at lunch time – great idea to come early or late – or just take out.

imag1339There are only a few items on the menu: the flatbread sandwich,  housemade noodle soup, lamb  hand pulled noodle soup, hand pulled noodles, Xi’an noodles, and cumin hand pulled noodles. Be prepared to wait, as they hand pull the noodles to order.

imag1343Mark orders the noodle soup, which he liked, but wished that the noodles were the same ones I had in my meal.


I had the #4 hand pulled noodles, served with a healthy dollop of garlic, a sprinkle of chili powder, cilantro and scallions. The noodles are thick and have a good bite to them. A simple but extremely delicious dish. So good in fact, that we went back days later with other co-workers!

Don’t forget to stop at the ATM before you go, they only take cash. Monday thru Friday: 11AM-6:30PM, closed on the weekends.

Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe

86 Bedford Street, Boston, MA


Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe on Urbanspoon

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shojoI was at a meeting by South Station and needed a bite to eat. I had been hearing good things about Shojo in Chinatown and decided to give it a spin. Shojo’s food is a modern take on Japanese food with tapas style dishes meant for sharing.

shojoWe sat at a hightop by the window. I love the mural on the back wall painted by Alec Strickland. The restaurant has a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

shojoShojo has a nice selection of vegetarian options if that is your speed. We started with the mushroom spring rolls with Chinese red vinaigrette ($6). The food came out very quickly after we ordered – it was impressive.

shojoThe duck taco ($10) Duck Confit, House Moo Shu Shell, Mint Chutney and Purple Kimchi Slaw. The dish was flavorful – the presentation was not what we were expecting, but it was delicious.

shojoThe chicken and waffle ($13) Szechuan Peppercorn Maple Syrup, Hong Kong Egg Style Waffle, 5 Spice Butter and Fried Chicken Drumstick. The waffle was beautiful, the syrup had a nice hint of sweetness and the chicken was crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Love the presentation of this dish!

shojoThe kimchi fried rice ($9) was tasty and came with a fried egg on top. While it wasn’t super spicy, there was definitely a slow burn that made your lips tingle a bit.


9A Tyler Street, Boston, MA

Shojo on Urbanspoon

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IMAG0185Shiki is a small Japanese restaurant located just off of Harvard St. in Coolidge Corner. It has probably been on my “to visit” list for 5 years….glad we finally made it! We arrived at a great time and we were seated right away – there was a bit of a wait as we came close to the tail end of our meal. Shiki offers authentic traditional cuisine – as we look around, we realize we may be the only table that is speaking English tonight.

IMAG0184I order the Inaniwa udon ($13) that comes with shrimp tempura on the side.

1398640782001The broth is flavorful and it comes with a generous helping of noodles.

IMAG0181We also order some sushi that was fresh and quite tasty – rolls here go for anywhere from $4 to $13. While we order relatively tame/safe options, many of the other patrons are ordering the more traditional tapas style dishes that include things like: octopus, monkfish liver, broiled squid, kimchee and Japanese pickles. The service here is decent – they have two servers for the whole restaurant. As more tables are sat, they seem to get a bit bogged down. Shiki is open Tuesday – Sunday for lunch and dinner.


9 Babcock Street, Brookline, MA

Shiki on Urbanspoon

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IMAG0155I’ve been working on a series with Bon Me, featuring the great people they have working on their trucks called “Meet your Maker“. I decided that I also wanted to try out their brick and mortar location in Cambridge, the Bon Me Noodle Stop, open only on Friday night and all day on Saturday. (Their official hours are: Friday nights 5pm-10pm // Saturday all day 11am-10pm.)

IMAG0146It was a rainy day, so there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic. There were two other tables occupied late on a Saturday afternoon. A host at the door takes your order on an iPad and gives you a number. Grab a seat and they bring your order out to your table when it is ready – and when you are done, you bus your own table.

IMAG0151So what’s on the menu?


[v] corn roasted on the cob sriracha mayo + toasted crumbs, $4

chicken cabbage wraps pickled daikon and korean pepper sauce, $5

[v] wok roasted green beans crispy shallot + garlic, $4

shrimp chips our twist on a snack-time classic! , $3



add a soft egg* to any dish for $2!

chicken and pork meatball rice noodle + lotus root + coconut curry broth, $9

lemongrass chicken glass noodle + roasted cauliflower + chili ginger sauce, $9

[v] spring vegetables  soba noodles + asparagus + soft boiled egg + cilantro-chickpea pesto, $9

chinese bbq pork udon noodles + miso pork broth + charred scallion, $10

lemongrass chicken, chinese bbq pork, or paprika roasted tofu spicy mayo + pork pâté + pickled carrot, $6



bon me banana bread sundae banana bread + vanilla ice cream+ miso chocolate sauce, $5



sparkling mango limeade $4

thai basil limeade $3

thai iced tea $3

hot MEM teas $2

IMAG0152It was a pork kind of day! We had the Chinese BBQ pork sandwich, a sweet and savory Bon Me version of Chinese roasted Char Siu Pork. I LOVE the picked carrots, they add a really nice flavor and texture to any of the dishes at Bon Me.


The chinese bbq pork with udon noodles + miso pork broth + charred scallion was delicious. There were pieces of squash, garlic and bean spouts in the soup as well, a really great lunch on a rainy day. The portions are large, I couldn’t finish! The flavors were bold, certainly a comfort food dish. The noodle dishes are only available at the One Kendall location, they are not offered on the truck, so if you want something really special, stop by their One Kendall location.

Bon Me Noodle Stop

One Kendall, Cambridge, MA

Bon Me Noodle Stop on Urbanspoon

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IMG_20140404_120349Mark and I have anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Moyzilla truck. The truck is owned by Jonathan Moy, a 2008 graduate of Hofstra, who started his career in a cube as a financial analyst. He decided to pursue his love for Asian street food, and boy are we glad he did!

moyzilla I was swamped with work, so Mark ran out and picked us up some lunch. We decided to try the meal boxes: pick a skewer (2) (+$1 for steak skewers) or dumpling (4) and choose pop’s fried rice or noodles for $8. All boxes come with home made Asian slaw.

moyzillaI had the meal box with pork & cabbage dumplings — sesame-ginger soy and Pop’s fried rice. All dumplings are hand folded. Don’t worry, they have a vegetarian dumpling as well for all you non meat eaters!

moyzilla Mark had the box with stir fried noodles and the Moyzilla style dumplings: cheeseburger dumpling, topped with sauteed onions — secret sauce. These dumplings are inspired by the west coast and the famous in and our burgers – yum! Looking forward to checking out their other menu items soon! Follow them on Twitter to find them during the week:


Moyzilla on Urbanspoon

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IMG_3293We got stuck in Vegas for an extra night due to a snowstorm cancelling our flight. The one good thing about having to stay another night is getting to try another great restaurant. This time we picked YellowTail in the Bellagio.

IMG_3294The crowd is a the see and be seen type. Inside gets a bit noisy, so we were glad to have a seat outside on the heated patio.

Water show at the Bellagio

We had a great front row seat to the water show all night.

IMG_3299Edamame ($9) two ways, traditional and chili.

IMG_3303We had two rolls, the shrimp tempura ($16) and spicy tuna ($15). Both classic and tasty.


The rock shrimp ($23) was crunchy and  had a little kick to it, from the Korean chili aioli. It was just the right amount of food, we were full but not stuffed – plus we saved room for dessert.

IMG_3307Cheesecake ($14) with lemon ice cream and blackberry crumble. You would never know that this dish is made with 60% tofu (unless your waiter told you 😉 ). The cheesecake was light as air and really delicious, I loved the ice cream.

IMG_3309Chocolate Cup ($14) this would have been my second choice, but I’m not a banana girl. It comes with nutella, banana foam, and vanilla bean ice cream. Just wait until you get to the bottom of this dessert, it’s amazing. The service was excellent, we had a great experience.

YellowTail in the Bellagio

3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas

Yellowtail on Urbanspoon

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I introduced Foumami to my foodie coworkers, they’re hard to impress. Located on Franklin Street, Foumami is right around the corner from Equinox.

IMG_0515The line is long but it moves pretty quickly. People here are mostly taking out, so we have no problems getting a seat.

IMG_0516Menus are all around, so you can figure out what you want while you’re waiting in line. There are so many good things, it’s hard for me to choose. They also have a variety of Asian snacks at the register for purchase.

IMG_0519After careful review of the menu, I go with my good old faithful standby, the ribeye steak ($7.95) Grilled soy garlic marinated ribeye steak, sautéed onions, romaine lettuce. The sandwiches are served on  freshly baked Shao Bing bread- crisp and flaky on the outside- chewy and soft on the inside (thin of the consistency of a scallion pancake minus the scallion) As you can see, the meat is juicy and flavorful. It’s a well rounded sandwich, nice flavors, it fills you up without making you feel like you need to roll out of the restaurant. Service here is quick and no nonsense, stop in before 12 or after 1 for less of a line.


225 Franklin St, Boston, MA

(617) 426-8858

Foumami on Urbanspoon

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IMG_9952Someone at work had been raving about this place, so one weekend afternoon we decided to try it out.

IMG_9948The restaurant has a few other diners, but for the most part is pretty quiet.

IMG_9949The service was good, our order was taken and our food came out quickly.

IMG_9950Rising Sun ($10.95) On top: spicy tuna, tempura chips Inside: California roll. This was a really tasty roll, combining all the flavors that I like. The tempura on top gave it some nice crunch and texture and the avocado inside gave it a smooth creaminess.


I had the Nabeyaki Udon ( $10.95) Hot pot style vegetable udon noodle soup toped with shrimp tempura and egg. Check out how perfect that egg is! The soup was hearty and delicious, I didn’t even put a dent in it, that’s how filling it was.

Overall, the meal was really tasty and high quality. We would definitely go back to try other sushi.


827 Boylston Street, Boston, MA

Samurai Boston on Urbanspoon

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You can get a sandwich: Your choice of filling on a toasted baguette. Stuffed with pickled carrots & daikon, housemade pork pate, housemade spicy mayo, cucumbers, red onion & cilantro

A Rice Bowl: Brown rice or white rice and your choice of filling with seasonal greens, bean sprouts, shredded carrots & daikon, and cilantro.

A Noodle Bowl: Soba or rice noodles and your choice of filling with red onion, bean sprouts, seasonal greens, shredded carrot and cilantro.  Topped with a dressing of your choice: spicy peanut, toasted sesame, vietnamese vinaigrette or miso lime.

Choose your filling and you’re ready to go. I order the Chinese BBQ Pork, made with their own blend of spices, in a rice bowl. The pork is a little salty but the sauce on top makes it a little sweet, nice combination. The carrots are what make the dish for me, the crunchy sweet tanginess is delicious. I can’t finish the whole thing for lunch, but those of you who have a big appetite, you can get extra meat for $2. For $6, this place is a steal, and they also take credit cards, which is a plus for me! Stop by to say hello and pick up a tasty Vietnamese snack. Support local food trucks!


Bon Me Food Truck

Check here for locations

Bon Me on Urbanspoon

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I always drive by this place and it is always SUPER crowded! One Sunday evening we decide to stop in for a bite. There’s a small lot in the back for parking…because parking on the street almost never happens. After we circle the block three times we end up lucking out with a spot right out front.

Because who doesn’t love a little black fungus with dinner? So the inside is pretty plain, there are Christmas decorations still up, so apparently, it is Christmas all year round here. There are tons of seats inside, whether it is at tables or at the bar area.

Asian hot pot cooking, you pick your broth and it heats up at your table. We did chicken and pork.

We start with the gyoza appetizer, which come out pretty quickly. We devoured them in about 3.2 seconds. When you order, you choose a meat, and a carbohydrate, udon noodles, vermicelli noodles or rice. Every order comes with an assorted veggie plate consisting of: corn on the cob, mushroom, leafy greens, tofu etc. You can order other veggies a la carte.

We ordered the chicken and the USDA prime rib. The meat is shaved super thin and brought out to the table like this:

Start adding the veggies and the meats to the boiling broth and everything cooks up!

The meal was good. My hold back on saying that this place is great is that I am weird about cooked meat…I want to make sure that everything is cooked through, and with people throwing raw chicken in with the communal soup..I felt weird about that. And the meat came out this grey color which was a little creepy for me. It tasted yummy after I got over myself…but still. A fun place to go and have an interactive dinner-it is wildly popular with the Asian community here. Go try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Shabu-Zen Allston
80 Brighton Avenue
Allston, MA 02134
Tel: 617.782.8888
Fax: 617.782.8889
* Limited parking available in lot behind our Allston location (entrance off Reedsdale Street)Monday: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm
Tuesday: 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Wednesday: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm
Thursday: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm
Friday: 11:30 am – 12:00 am
Saturday: 11:30 am – 12:00 am
Sunday: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm
* Last call half hour prior to closing

Shabu-Zen on Urbanspoon

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