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As some of you may know, I’m not a health nut (no pun intended). I recently met up with Craig from Organic Living Superfoods and he gave me some samples to try. Craig and I originally met at a #GoodOnes event. I was pleasantly surprised at how the products tasted – not at all what I expected and I might even like them (gasp!). There goes my street cred. Just kidding.

Here’s what their website says about their sprouted nuts:
Our nuts are soaked and dried (sprouted) at low temperatures (at around 115 degrees Fahrenheit) to activate live enzymes aiding in digestion and absorption of nutrients. The existing healthy fats naturally found in nuts are transformed into healthier amino acids that the body can easily make use of, and complex starches are broken down into simpler carbohydrates. The result is a “pre-digested” fiber-rich food packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, and sometimes even essential fatty acids depending on the nut.

By soaking the nuts, it also helps to wash away the nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances that are naturally found in them – such as enzyme inhibitors, phytates (also known as phytic acid), polyphenols (or tannins), and goitrogens.

Soaking and sprouting nuts replicates germination, which activates and increases the amount of nutrients found in them – particularly your A, B, C, and E vitamins. It also helps promote the growth of vital digestive enzymes needed to break down nuts inside the body. As a result, your body will not have to spend time and energy creating these digestive enzymes – and can instead focus on conducting its other many functions to help maintain good health.

IMG_5795Pomegranate pistachios and almonds: covered with a deliciously-fruity mix of pomegranate arils, dried apples, bring cherries and dates.

IMG_5797Kog almonds: these raw & sprouted almonds are flavored with kale, onion, and garlic. They pack an onion-y punch.

IMG_5800Cinnamon walnuts: sprouted walnuts coated with blended up bananas and dates. They smelled delicious but the cinnamon flavor was mild.

IMG_5802Superberry cashew: covered in Acai powder, Maqui powder & Aronia Berries. They tasted like regular cashews AND they’re packed with antioxidants, that’s a win win in my book.

IMG_5806Tamari almonds: they smelled quite spicy but had a delicious flavor – might have been my favorite of the bunch.

IMG_5808Fruit and nut cluster: cashews, almonds, mango, strawberries & dates.

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Disclaimer: Organic Living Superfoods provided me complimentary samples, all opinions are my own.

Organic Living Superfoods

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