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lets get brandy 16Guests gathered on Thursday evening for part two of the Good Ones Let’s Get Brandy Power Hour. The theme for the evening was stoplight fashion, your best red, yellow and green outfits! Held at Neenas in Harvard Square, this event had two very special guests.

lets get brandy 9Top chef contestant Stephanie Cmar, with her Party of Two business partner Justin Burke Samson, came out and did a live demo for guests and debuted some new flavors!

PartyofTwo 8Stephanie started Stacked Donuts at the beginning of  the year, doing pop up events all over town – most selling out in under 30 minutes!

PartyofTwo 6She prepared the dough ahead of time but rolled them and cut them out at Neenas.

PartyofTwo 9They took a quick dip in a hot oil bath…

PartyofTwo 5and then the creme brulee donuts were rolled in a sugar salt mix and blow torched to get that lovely caramelization.

PartyofTwo 7The dish also had a lemon curd tart, sprinkled with powdered sugar and was finished off with a little bit of raspberry coulis. The sugar salt mix made the donuts stand out on their own and the tart packed a punch. The dough was so buttery and light and the lemon curd was so tart (no pun intended)!

PartyofTwo 2Justin prepping his pumpkin shooters. Justin is a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made awards, please take a moment to vote for him: He has the opportunity to win $10K to put towards opening a brick and mortar restaurant with Stephanie.

PartyofTwo 4Pumpkin beer TMtart shooters made with Shipyard  pumpkinhead ale.

PartyofTwo 1The strawberry tarts were a close second to the lemon tarts, a classic with just the right amount of frosting and sweetness.

PartyofTwo 3 These bite sized tarts were a huge hit!lets get brandy 10Guests for the evening included: (L-R) Steven Tannenbaum; Stephanie Cmar of Party of Two and Stacked Donuts;  Carolyn Kim, co-founder of the Good Ones; Kinda Touma of Kinda TFashion, and Jennifer Brooke, co-founder of the Good Ones.

lets get brandy 15Left to right, Top Chef Stephanie Cmar; Madison McBirney, intern at Candice Wu Couture; Fashion Designer Candice Wu of Candice Wu Couture.

lets get brandy 18Left to right, Justin Burke Samson of Party of Two and Trademark Tarts; Jennifer Brooke, co-founder of the Good Ones; Carolyn Kim, co-founder of the Good Ones; and Stephanie Cmar, of Stacked Donuts and Party of Two.

lets get brandy 13Kimberly Mackey of Neenas, Giovanna Pasquariello of Neenas and Raj Dhanda, owner of Neenas.

lets get brandy 12Keely Murray of Merrill Lynch.

lets get brandy 11 Art Director and Brand Steward, Pope Carlos.

lets get brandy 17Guests, and Eric Toczko (above), sipped on craft cocktails from Deep Eddy. Tonight’s drink was the Boston Mule with Deep Eddy Cranberry vodka, lime juice, ginger beer and a lime garnish.

lets get brandy 4Joseph Keller, PhD student at MIT.

lets get brandy 2Ankita Deshpande, Associate Director at Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

lets get brandy 3 Left, Molly Siegel,  Owner, Retail Consultant at Athlete by Design. Athlete by Design is a designer athletic men’s and women’s pop-up retailer serving Eastern Massachusetts. They set up day long boutiques in gyms, health food stores, and farmer’s markets. Right, Jordan Pollard, Software Application Developer at Mimecast​ a software company that specializes in unified email management.

lets get brandy 5Fashion designer Ak Maral Arzybaeva.

lets get brandy 6Zach Braiker, president of Refine + Focus.

lets get brandy 7Chris Gagnon, fitness trainer and endurance conditioning coach, owner of Cross Cylce Fitness. Chris a professional endurance cyclist completing over two dozen 24 Hour solo mountain bike races, 5 World Solo 24 Hour Races, and countless additional events across the country. He grew up a competitive hockey player and developed a love for fitness at a young age. His certifications include Mad Dogg (Spinning), Schwinn Indoor Cycling, ISSA, NASM, and Mad Dogg (Spinning),with BFA from Tufts & Museum School in graphic design. In the classroom, he combines his over 10 years of functional training knowledge with his professional cycling experience to challenge riders both physically and mentally, teaching to music that motivates, and inspiring them to achieve greatness both on and off the bike.

lets get brandy 8Mark Andrus, co-founder of Stacy’s Pita Chips.

Good Ones events are invite only, email Carolyn to request an invite:

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