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lets get brandy 4Tuesday evening guests gathered in Harvard Square for a Good Ones event at Neenas Lighting.

lets get brandy 1Neenas has locations in downtown Boston, Brookline, Wellesley and Cambridge.

lets get brandy 7Each store has a different feel – check out my photos from the last Good Ones event at the Boylston Street location here and here.

lets get brandy 2Neenas sells more than just lighting – they have furniture and home accessories as well.

lets get brandy 5Carolyn, co-founder of the Good Ones, showcasing Angels Envy.

lets get brandy 8

For the month of September, for every Angel’s Envy drink you take a photo of, and post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) with the hashtag #AE4THETREES, Angel’s Envy will plant a white oak tree.

Why is this important? Bourbon distillers need new American white oak barrels to age bourbon and currently, there is a barrel shortage.

lets get brandy 6Don’t forget to tag your photos! #AE4THETREES

lets get brandy 3Other beverage sponsors for the evening included Motto, a sparkling matcha tea drink; Maple Water and Peroni.

lets get brandy 24Hint Water was also at the event with both their original hint water and hint fizz varieties. On the left is Jeff Venuti, Field Marketing Manager for Hint.

lets get brandy 25Liqs are the world’s first premium ready to drink cocktail shots. The company was founded in 2013 by Michael Glickman and Harley Bauer. A GENIUS product if you ask me. Easy to carry and transport (to a party, a cookout, the pool or the beach) and they taste like you just made them! Here are the flavors that they come in:

Vodka-Cucumber Lime: By combining the cooling nature of cucumber with the citrus of lime, we’ve created an ideal mix to blend with our super premium vodka. The result? A light and refreshing cocktail shot perfect for any occasion.

Vodka Lychee Grapefruit: The most fruit forward of our cocktail shots, we keep the flavors natural, not overly sweet. The citrus of grapefruit balances effortlessly with the sweetness of lychee.

Tequila Cinnamon Orange: We enlisted the finest tequila connoisseurs to blend the subtle spice of cinnamon with fresh orange to create an irresistible balance of spicy and sweet. You’ll never look at a tequila shot the same way again.

Vodka Kamikaze: Originally made from vodka, triple sec and lime juice, the kamikaze has been a nightlife staple for years. We’ve infused ours with the finest citrus and a hint of natural vanilla that will surprise and energize your taste buds.

lets get brandy 9Featured Guest: Miam Miam Macaronerie

Jennifer, pastry chef, chocolatier and owner of Blue Tierra Chocolate, started experimenting with the tiny French confections at her former West Broadway location. Nicole, an IT Administrator with a degree in public relations and over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, was a loyal customer.

lets get brandy 10Jennifer perfected her recipe and mastered the macaron. The final product was flawless texture & flavor and Nicole was hooked. This mutual love of the macaron brought them together to combine their strengths and energies. And thus, Miam Miam Macaronerie, LLC was ‘baked’ out of their love.

lets get brandy 11What is Miam Miam? Miam-miam (pronounced mee-yahm mee-yahm) is the french word for “yummy.” Keep your eyes open, they are looking to open a shop in the near future! I think the pistachio ones are my favorite!

lets get brandy 12Guests sipped on a specialty cocktail from Deep Eddy vodka.

lets get brandy 13Every event thrown by the Good Ones has a theme. Tonight’s was your best stoplight fashion: Red, yellow and green.

lets get brandy 14Raj Dhanda, owner of Neenas, and Carolyn Kim, Co-Founder of the Good Ones.

lets get brandy 15Right, Brandon Bach, Owner of Infusion Diabolique tequila. Left Jon Allen, CEO and Founder of Temple Twist.

lets get brandy 17Left, Hillary Bucklin and right, Stef Poracro, who just hosted the first Awake Boston event, a morning yoga session and dance party. See the Facebook page here.

lets get brandy 18Featured guest: Aaron Belyea – Owner / Art Director

As self-taught artist, Aaron launched his graphic design career while performing in numerous bands in Boston, for which he would create a visual image that complimented the band’s music. Aaron later honed his artistic talents at The Planetary Group, overseeing the design department for this artist development company. His ability to successfully develop identities, rooted in decisive visual concepts led to the establishment of his own studio in 2001. The company name comes from Aaron’s design moniker, “Alphabet Arm,” which refers to the alphabet tattoo wrapped around one of his arms. Aaron can often be found speaking at colleges and universities as well as teaching classes and presentations for various entrepreneur / start-up organizations.

What is so great about Good Ones events is that each one is different. The event on Tuesday is drastically different from the one on Thursday. There are familiar faces but also a good number of new ones as well.

lets get brandy 19The guests at each event have been hand selected – they are  founders, executives, journalists, entertainers, students, creatives, mentors and mentees — and tonight they are people who care about Personal + Professional Branding

lets get brandy 20

Featured Guest: Silvi Naci (right) – Artist / Designer / Curator

Being connected to the art scene in Boston and other urban cities like New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco, allows Silvi to create engaging art shows, and bring together artists from diverse backgrounds. What drives her as an artist, designer and curator, is a passion to create things that are meaningful. As the Art Director at Liquid Art House, her canvas is the spectacular open space where anything is possible. From showcasing the incredible stable of talent she’s collected throughout her travels and shows, to shaping the Liquid Art “House,” not just as a gallery of walls, but as a platform of ideas, education and community. Silvi’s goal is to invite collaboration and build new opportunities for artists and designers alike. On rare days off, she loves riding her bike, hiking, cooking vegan food, running and making art.

lets get brandy 21Charlotte Kim, Senior Vice President of Cheer Networks.

lets get brandy 22The next Good Ones event is tomorrow evening at Liquid Art House and is invite only. To request an invite, email Carolyn at

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