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IMG_4516Evan’s deli started out as a brick and mortar in Marblehead but this season has branched out to a food truck. You can usually find them on Mondays by the Rings Fountain on the Greenway.

IMAG0234What’s my go to? Pastrami sandwich with cheese of course! Sandwiches run around $9.

IMAG0235Also great from their truck, the knishes. The potato knish might be my favorite. Carbohydrates on top of carbohydrates! YUM!

IMG_4559They’re pretty consistent with their food and you are in and out fairly quickly. They are out at 11am, so you can also get breakfast from the truck. They serve bagels and breakfast sandwiches.

IMG_4560My second favorite would be the sweet potato knish! And I’m dying to try the pastrami knish – but it seems elusive! Check out the website to see where the truck will be.

Evan’s New york Style Deli

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