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imag0949The day finally came when Gabe and Jill were getting married. Guests boarded two gondolas to get to the top of the mountain.

imag0950Altitude sickness is no joke, 1 beer up on the top of the  mountain could feel like 3 beers on the ground. We didn’t experience any of it, but another guest certainly did and needed some oxygen.

imag0978The room for the reception was beautiful!

imag0979We sat at a table with some other Boston people.

imag0982There was a little sprinkle before the ceremony started, but the weather held through the ceremony and the cocktail reception outside on the balcony. It didn’t start to rain until we sat down for dinner. My friend Gabe goes to at least 10 weddings a year. I joke with him that he should stop making eye contact with people so that he can finally use his vacation days for somewhere he actually wants to go. That being said, when  you have been to that many weddings, you know what works and what doesn’t – you’re a pro. So no doubt, the food was going to be delicious.

imag0987We started with a baby lettuce salad with strawberries, toasted almonds and chevre with champagne vinaigrette.

imag0988Intermezzo was a champagne sorbet.

imag0989Dinner was porcini rubbed filet mignon & butter poached Maine lobster with demi glace and lobster beurre blanc sauces, white truffle whipped potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

imag0990In lieu of a cake they did a dessert bar. Flourless chocolate mousse tulip.

imag0991Blacberry creme brulee.

imag0993New York style cheesecake rings.

imag0994Raspberry rectangles and mango jalapeno gianduja cups.

imag0995Truffles in a variety of flavors.

imag0996Pistachio frangipane.

imag0997Lemon raspberry towers.

imag0998Salted caramel feuilletine cornets.

imag0999A delicious way to end a meal. A lovely wedding overall. Simple and understated while being beautiful and classy. Guests danced the night away until around 10 and then the afterparty moved to a bar in Keystone. Congrats Gabe and Jill!

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