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IMG_3149I’m not a biker or a hiker, or an outdoorsy person for that matter, so the best way I know how to see the landscape is to go on a horseback ride. I have plenty of experience riding English style, however, most places that tourists go offer Western. The hotel offers 1 hour or 2 hour rides, and note that they leave from different locations, so check with guest services as to which site you need to go to. We chose the 2 hour ride for $74pp. We were fortunate enough to only have one other person in our group. Make sure that if you are planning on going for a ride to 1)turn off your cell phone – you don’t want to startle your horse, 2) wear long pants – trust me on this one, 3) wear sneakers or some other closed toe shoe option and 4) bring a light jacket, it could get cool.

IMG_3154It’s only fitting that my horse’s name is Rebel!

IMG_3120The two hour ride has a lot of uphill and downhill stretches and weaving in and around trees – it’s not to say that you have to be an experienced rider, but know that the ride isn’t all flat.

IMG_3125The views are amazing.

IMG_3127Group size can vary, there can be up to 8 riders with each wrangler.

IMG_3138The horses don’t live in CO all year round, they are rented and come for the summer and early fall season.

IMG_3151If you’re feeling adventurous, call up Keystone and book your ride! You can get more information on their website.

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