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IMG_4615We headed up to Maine for a quick weekend away in Kennebunkport. We were staying at Hidden Pond, and while it was hard to pick the thing I was MOST excited about, eating at Earth was at the top of my list.

IMG_4637We picked the same weekend to go up to Kennebunkport as M and B, so we decided to meet up the first night for dinner. The restaurant was quite dark, so the pictures here are not the best – good enough for you to get the general idea though.

IMG_4638The treetop/nature theme from the resort is carried through here as well. The decor is beautiful – I love the white lights on the tree branches above the bar.

IMG_4621The restaurant is packed, as I expected it would be. Earth is Ken Oringer’s seventh restaurant. Earth uses local ingredients and produce from the property’s two on site organic gardens.

IMG_4622Sangria ($15) is always a good way to start a meal!

IMG_4625Burrata, mustard fruit, black olive oil, crunchy olives, rhubarb ($15). The plating is a work of art, unlike any burrata dish I’ve had before. Creamy and delicious, this dish makes me crave more burrata on the plate.

IMG_4629Wood fired lobster, green garlic butter, fresh garbanzo beans, Meyer lemon, chamomile ($42). Another great presentation, I loved my entree. Earth makes it easy for you to eat the lobster meat – and there is a decent amount of it.

IMG_4630Crispy skin duck, fermented garlic, sunchokes, baby turnips, tardivo ($36). I know I keep talking about the plating, but it really is quite something to look at.

IMG_4631Diver scallops, smoked potato purée, Fiddle Head, baby fennel, Vidalia onions ($38). Fiddleheads might be one of my favorite things. The scallops were on the larger side, M couldn’t finish the whole dish.

IMG_4633Warm donuts ($10) came served on a wood board – simple and delicious.

IMG_4632Meyer lemon curd, blondie, whipped cream, umiboshi, white chocolate, granola streusel ($10) While I was so full from my lobster entree, I loved every bite of this dessert – meyer lemon anything is top of my list!

 What’s your favorite Ken Oringer restaurant?

Earth at Hidden Pond

354 Goose Rocks Road

Kennebunkport, ME

Earth on Urbanspoon


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