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Good Ones 3It’s Tuesday evening in the Seaport District, what are you doing? Me?? I am at a modern Greek rooftop gathering with some of Boston’s finest. You can’t beat the views, or the company. The party I’m at is being hosted by The Good Ones – a unique group that hand picks some of the most interesting people to gather together at events like these.

Good Ones 5Meet Good One Kimberly Giardino and co-founder of The Good Ones, Carolyn Kim (aka goddess of the night).

Good Ones 4Everyone was very festive with their interpretation of tonight’s theme, modern Greek. Those that did not show up in togas came in shades of white and gold.

Good Ones 1The beautiful, talented jewelry designer Heloisa Helena Fitzgerald drinking Zoos tea, a sponsor at the event.

Good Ones 8The stunning Candice Wu, designer extraordinaire. She designed the beautiful gowns that the models were wearing this evening.

Good Ones 6Mark Andrus’ costume put everyone else to shame.

Good Ones 9James Michael Sama, founder of the New Chivalry Movement was looking quite charming with his Dolce and Gabbana shades, white jacket and dapper pocket square.

Good Ones 13I love this, from his website: My mission for this website is to spread the “New Chivalry Movement” – a set of ideas that prompts the development of self-worth in people of all ages. The recognition of the love and respect that is deserved in a relationship, as well as the strength to walk away if they are not present. I am striving to illustrate the image of what a healthy relationship looks like, as well as what each member of the “team” can do in order to create it.

Good Ones 10Karla B. Alcantara enjoying craft cocktails by the celebrity bartender.

Good Ones 11Good One Tau Zaman was looking good in all white.

Good Ones 17Co-founder of Maple Water, Kate Weiler and Comedian Tom Severo. Tom’s costume was definitely the most creative of the evening.

Good Ones 16Rodrigo Martinez, Chief Strategist at IDEO was rocking his toga.

Good Ones 14Radio personality Kennedy Elsey had the ultimate accessory to her Grecian outfit, Mia, a 9 week old rescue puppy that is available for adoption through Great Dog Rescue.

Good Ones 18Janet Wu looked gorgeous in a gown designed by a friend.

Good Ones 19Female models, Elena Kollarova, Drea Elizabeth and Chelsey Angers in Candice Wu Couture. Jimmy Guzman (L) and Rodrigo Martinez (R).

Good Ones 20

Good Ones 2Entertainment and killer old school jams were provided by Julian of Team Sayles.

Good Ones 11Tom Olcott, co-founder of Motto Tea, serving up some of his delicious sparkling Matcha tea.

Good Ones 12Co-founder of the Good Ones, Jennifer Brooke with Mia – enjoying some Motto.

Good Ones 4Tenzin Conechok Samdo, head bartender at Trade, mixed up delicious cocktails using Zoos Greek Tea and Crop organic cucumber vodka.

Good Ones 5How amazing does that look? It screams summer.

Good Ones 6Tenzin prepping for the evening.

Good Ones 13Kristina Tsipouras, founder of Zoos Greek tea was fresh off of her win at the Improper Bostonian’s Best of Boston event.

Good Ones 3Can’t think of two things that go together better than Zoos tea and Crop vodka.

Good Ones 16Mark Penta was on hand capturing the event.

Good Ones 12Krave Jerky set up a really nice tasting station where guests could snack on a variety of their jerky flavors. See my previous post about Krave Jerky here.

Good Ones 1Tonight there was a battle.  A chef battle. Jonathan Michael Moreira of Post 390 and Brendan Smith of Uni went head to head with reigning champ Brendan Andrew Burke of the newly opened Bastille Kitchen.

Good Ones 7Here are the list of ingredients that the chefs were tasked to work with: Burrata, Smoked Scamorza, Stracciatella , Striper, Monk Fish, Haddock, Japanese eggplant, Fennel bulbs, Fresh dill, Salsify, Peaches, Koppertcress Micro Red Shiso, Zucchini, Strawberries, Cauliflower, Tarragon, Long English Cucumbers, Mint , White Grapes, Onions, Garlic, Lemon, Caper, Olive Oil

Good Ones 8Each chef prepared two dishes with their chosen ingredients.

Good Ones 9Guests at the party were given coins to vote for their favorite dish.

Good Ones 10Chef Moreira of Post 390 describing his 2 dishes.

Good Ones 14Plating for Team Uni.

Good Ones 15And the winner of the evening was reigning champion, Chef Brendan Burke! His dishes were complex and flavorful, well deserved!

Bummed you missed this event? There are two upcoming events, 7/29 and 7/30. Contact Carolyn for an invite:

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