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YEC5AI was fortunate enough to be SoonSpoon’s +1 for the YEC happy hour event on Wednesday. YEC is an invite only community that elevates small businesses with concierge level support. Potential new members need a referral from an existing YEC member and are carefully vetted. With membership comes  a member concierge team to help facilitate connections with the right people, professional editorial services and in person lunches, dinners and events.

YEC7AThe event took place in the WeWork South Station location and they had a great band playing live music – they did a killer version of Valerie!

YEC6AYEC was mixing two kinds of adult slushies with the Margarita Man machines.

YEC-AOne flavor was mixes with Espolon tequila.

YEC1AThe other flavor was mixed with Bully Boy White Rum.

YEC2ASuch a great idea, everyone was raving about what fun this was!

YEC3AThe event was catered by Savvor, a new restaurant open in the leather district.  The Mac n’ Cheese orechiette, Cabot clothbound, rye bread crumbs, confit garlic, Pretty Things Jack d’Or.

YEC4APlantains with dip. Most of the items on the menu are snacks and small plates with only two options meant to be for 2 or more.

Savvor, the French spelling of the English word ‘savor’, is a southern restaurant with a Caribbean flair. Executive Chef Carey Dobies, formerly of Clio, Upstairs on the Square and Salts, is at the helm of Francois Eddy Firmin’s restaurant, showcasing dishes reminiscent of Firmin’s childhood. Savvor will have live music Wednesday – Saturday night.



180 Lincoln Street, Boston, MA

Savvor on Urbanspoon

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