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lil devilI stopped in to one of my favorite store the other day for some sweets. Cocoanuts offers delicious specialty goods from local or small batch makers. The Lil Devil ($3.30)is a take on Little Debbie Cocoa Cremes or a Hostess Ding Dong – chocolate cake with creme filling that is dipped in dark chocolate. This is the grown up version of Little Debbie, but boy do they bring me back to my childhood!

IMG_0842Have a friend who loves beer and is hard to shop for? Try Liddabit Sweets Beer and Pretzel Caramels ($8)!

IMG_0844These babies have a cult following and I can totally see why. Brooklyn Brewery’s Brown Ale and East India Pale Ale are reduced and stirred into the caramel  along with bits of Martin’s pretzels. It seems like it might be an odd combination, but it really works – these are totally crave-worthy!

IMG_0852Fixx chocolates ($8) are handcrafted by Nicole Coady in small batches and made locally. She names all the bars after people she knows. Some of her delicious, drool-worthy flavors include:

Abby’s: rich caramel in milk chocolate with sea salt

Andy’s: praline crisp with passion fruit jelly

Bud’s: peanut butter nougat with roasted peanuts and sea salt

Chelle’s: cashew nougat with roasted cashews and caramel

Mike’s: almond nougat with morello cherries

Nikki’s: peanut butter nougat with apple wood smoked bacon and maple caramel

IMG_0857From the website:

Lulu is named after my mother Dianna Lou who had no idea that I secretly had the nickname of Lulu for her.  That was a surprising phone call that came after I asked her to pick the color for her bar.  She asked if she might be lulu.  This bar started with the flavors of a german chocolate cake but during development evolved to the current version using pretzels, coconut and no pecans.  It’s kind of typical for research and development for me.  My mother always has pretzels around the house so it made me think of her.

This bar has pretzels and coconut combined with dark caramel, a little sea salt and is finished with dark chocolate.


28 Parmenter Street, Boston, MA (North End)

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