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fenwayCorn and Co. first came on my radar at a party thrown by The Good Ones. They were at the dumpling battle I covered as well. I’ve been trying to buy more ever since! So I was excited when we had Red Sox tickets because Corn and Co. is the official popcorn of the Red Sox!

Corn and Co.It was a rainy night, but thank goodness our seats were covered – and right when we got to the park, it stopped raining. We stopped by Gate A and grabbed a bag – caramel corn! Pretty delicious stuff – not as heavy as Cracker Jacks – a little sweet and a little salty, the perfect mix.

phantom gourmet bbqAnd lucky me, the Phantom Gourmet BBQ beach party had free admission on Friday from 12-4pm. I stopped in, met some other cool people from Corn and Co. and picked up 3 bags!

Corn and Co.I guess I don’t have any self restraint when it comes to this stuff, although, in my defense, I did get the red hot bag for Mark.

Corn and Co.I picked up another bag of caramel corn and a windy city (caramel corn mixed with cheese popcorn). See all of their flavors here.

IMG_2744You can buy Corn and Co. online or at a farmers market, they are at SOWA on Sundays among other places. They will be opening a store in Burlington soon!


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