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Chefs in ShortsIt was a beautiful night on Friday, a perfect evening for the 14th annual Chef’s in Shorts event.

IMG_2598Guests gathered at the Seaport Hotel for an evening of food from over 50 chefs. The event benefited Future Chefs, a nonprofit school-to-career program focused in culinary arts.

IMG_2529Our first stop was The Lagham Hotel’s table, where Executive Chef, Mark Sapienza was cooking up piri-piri grilled shrimp and sweet corn flan with spring onion, chorizo and vinho Verde.

IMG_2534I’m pretty sure I could have eaten the corn flan for days – it was light with just the right amount of sweetness – the shrimp was tasty and perfectly grilled.

IMG_2537Chef Andreas Edlbauer from the Dining Room, a restaurant within a restaurant (at the Living Room), served grilled cold smoked salmon with roasted cauliflower purée, Norwegian cucumber salad and micro lettuce.

IMG_2545Row 34 had a great smokey, spicy smoked mussel salad with grilled scapes, aleppo and pickled red onion. One of the better dishes of the night. I forgot to take a picture of it because I was too busy enjoying it, but it was delicious, there was spicy and crunchy with a little bit of sweetness – a very well balanced dish!

IMG_2553Tim Pennington, head chef at Earls bar and kitchen, opening soon at Assembly Row in Somerville, served up ribs with warm potato salad. A little messy to eat, but finger licking good!

IMG_2556Skybokx 109 in Natick served up grilled sugarcane skewered shrimp with pineapple salsa and barbeque glaze.

IMG_2560A dish from LTK.

IMG_2562The Blue Ox in Lynn.

IMG_2565Chef Robert Tobin from Tamo, in the Seaport Hotel, made a grilled marinated short rib with picked radish and carrot, Boston lettuce and asian bbq sauce.

IMG_2568Artbar in Cambridge.

IMG_2571How beautiful is that cauliflower?

IMG_2578Grilled flatbread from Flour Bakery.

IMG_2583Abby Park in Milton served up a short rib slider with savory cabbage slaw.

IMG_2593The Back Deck served up grilled hot wings: confit chicken wings tossed in a chipotle lime butter and served with celery sticks and gorgonzola dressing. These were right in their wheelhouse!

IMG_2601Chef Doug Rodrigues from the Tip Tap Room grilled up whole wild striped sea bass.

IMG_2605It was served with mustard greens, picked green tomatoes, and cucumber.

IMG_2608Executive Pastry Chef at the Seaport Hotel, Karen Hodson served up s’mores in a tin.

IMG_2609This dessert was outstanding!

IMG_2611They put ice cream on top and served them warm off the grill – SO good.

IMG_2615Chef de Cuisine Michael Zentner from Gaslight served up a Korean beef dish, similar to bulgogi beef, and wrapped it in lettuce for eating snacking.

IMG_2618Aragosta served up a ceviche with scallops, striped bass and calamari.

IMG_2622Crispy grilled pork belly.

IMG_2621Check out this beautiful dish by the chefs from the Sinclair.

IMG_2623Mark Porcaro, Top of the Hub, was serving up some delicious mahi mahi fish tacos.

IMG_2628Check out the amazing color of the slaw!

IMG_2632The Ashmont Grill served up grilled oysters, mussels and clams with salsa verde and BBQ butter.

IMG_2640Chef Chris Douglas of Ashmont Grill/Tavolo.

IMG_2643Mela served up chicken tikka, chicken marinated in spaices and yogurt and cooked on skewers in tan door, a clay oven.

IMG_2654Parla served up smoked scallop shish kebabs.

IMG_2659Lucca Restaurant and Bar in the North End.

IMG_2663Jason Albus, chef at Fairsted Kitchen in Brookline served up Soutern Pork Hash.

IMG_2649Steve, co-owner of Fairsted couldn’t make it, but was there in spirit with the face of Steve stamp – follow the hashtag #faceofsteve.

IMG_2669Kickass Cupcakes provided a welcome break from all the meat and seafood at the event.

IMG_2671Hoe cute are these?

IMG_2674Chef Andrew Herbert from TRADE was at the event, we chatted about the upcoming Battle of the Burger. Have you voted yet? You have until July 7th – vote here.

IMG_2680Chef Richard Rayment from the Seaport Hotel.

IMG_2682Check out the beautiful purple potato and grilled corn salad from Bravo at the Museum of Fine Arts – it was served with escabeche of local bluefish, aji amarillo and dried herb gremolata.

IMG_2689Pie tarts from King’s.

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