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IMG_1098Churn2 is located near the Harvard Science center, it’s a shipping container that is open seasonally, producing delicious ice cream. Owner Ash Chan is on to a great idea.

IMG_1080From their website:

Operating from a fixed location allows a container to be part of the neighborhood, receiving regular deliveries and satisfying cravings without burning fossil fuels every day. The strictly limited interior space inspires novel and efficient foods and preparations while dramatically reducing consumption of power, water, real estate, and natural resources. Without the tires, cab and engine, customers can walk right into the container, engage with the staff, and watch their food being prepared while staying out of the elements. The extra space also facilitates more complex preparations that yield fresher and more creative food. But, the ability to set up or pack up in a day gives just the right amount of portability to accommodate dynamic demands and special events. Maximizing efficiency allows us to serve a better product to the same number of customers as a store several times larger while leaving the land below unscathed for the future.

IMG_1100Churn 2 makes liquid nitrogen ice cream. You can’t help but stop and watch then whip up a batch.

IMG_1110Each ice cream is made to order. They  have two flavors per day. Meet Jerry. When I asked him how he decides on the flavors, he said that usually it’s based on a whim. Peppermint patties were on sale today, I picked up some bags and voila, today’s special is chocolate peppermint patty!

IMG_1112Ice cream is Jerry’s passion – he loves what he is doing…and it shows. He takes time to talk with all of the customers and patiently answers questions, all with a smile.

churnI asked him how he knows the ice cream is ready – and he says, you just feel it. Ice cream whisperer? Maybe.

IMG_1127The final product.

IMG_1106The mango strawberry (right) and chocolate peppermint patty (left). Both were delicious – flavorful and creamy!

Churn 2

1 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA – outside of the Harvard University Science Center

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