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IMAG0233Casa B is located in Somerville in the Union Square neighborhood. We made a reservation using Soon Spoon – reserving with Soon Spoon allows you early access to their amazing pop ups.

IMAG0208Casa B offers Spanish Caribbean tapas. They have a bright and sunny room at street level and a more intimate dining experience downstairs.

IMAG0209We grab an early bird reservation and sit downstairs at the bar. Instead of bread they have fried plantains served with delicious dip.

IMAG0213What’s great about sitting downstairs at the bar is that it is basically like sitting at a chef’s table. We get to watch all of our food being prepared and the service is excellent!

IMAG0214They have an extensive cocktail list – can’t remember what this drink was, but think it had gin in it, and it was fruity and not too sweet – needless to say I drank this a little too quickly!

IMAG0217We start with the tabla de quesos ($18) a selection by the chef of three cheeses, served with guava preserve, figs with dulce de leche and salted Spanish almonds. All of the choices are delicious, and to be honest, I don’t particularly care for stinky cheese, but that dulce de leche is mind blowing…and the fig….just get out of town. The cheese plate comes with grilled iggy’s bread.

IMAG0218The bunuelos ($9) are Colombian farmer’s cheese fritters and roasted pepper aioli – simple but delicious.

IMAG0219The rollitos de aguacate ($9) are crispy avocado rolls with prune and cilantro dipping sauce. Again, simple, but delicious – loved the dipping sauce!

IMAG0221The setas organicas salteadas ($9) are sauteed organic wild mushrooms over grilled white sweet potato slices – lovely presentation and the mushrooms were so tasty.

IMAG0222The gnocchi de yuca ($14) is homemade yuca gnocchi in porcini sauce with cabrales cheese. This is a really hearty dish with bold flavors – the procini sauce is like gravy.

IMAG0224_BURST001At this point we are so stuffed to the gills that we can’t fit in another bite, but how do you come all the way here and not get dessert? So we try the strawberry and banana meringue. Watching them make this dessert is impressive – this is definitely a work of art! Almost too pretty to eat….almost.

IMAG0227And I came for the ice cream sandwich trio I had been hearing so much about. It comes with a pistachio flavor (above), the cookie is so perfectly salty and delicious.

IMAG0230The chocolate hazelnut on a shortbread cookie…

IMAG0232And a rum raisin on a snickerdoodle cookie. All AMAZING. I’m just bummed I didn’t leave enough room to finish them all.

What is your favorite tapas dish?

Casa B

253 Washington Street, Somerville, MA

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