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IMG_2038This past weekend it finally felt like summer!

IMG_2040We took a leisurely walk through the Boston Common on our way over to Beacon Hill to the Soon Spoon/Opus Affair Paint the Hill event. First stop the Sloane Merrill Gallery at 75 Charles Street to meet Conor, co-founder of Soon Spoon, and pick up our maps. 30 local artists were stationed around the Hill while Soon Spoon and Opus Affair were at three locations with pastries and coffee by Kate Holowchik, pastry chef at jm Curley/Bogie’s Place.

IMG_2043First stop 1 & 2 Mount Vernon Square (off River Street) where Kelly Carmody and Dave Poutre were painting. Travis, co-founder of Soon Spoon was also there with lemon poppy seed bars with a balsamic strawberry swirl. Super tasty. We huffed up Mount Vernon Street and worked off some calories from the lemon poppy seed bars…

IMG_2062Second stop was 55 Mount Vernon Street (Nichols House Museum) where Greg Horwitch and Vcevy Strekalovsky (above) were painting and Graham Wright, founder of Opus Affair, was there with our next dessert.

IMG_2068Carrot cake cheesecake with pickled pineapple.

IMG_2078The beginning of Greg’s painting.

IMG_2079Flowers at the Nichols House Museum.

IMG_2099And finally stop #3, 32 South Russell (Peter Faneuil House, back garden off of South Russell Street.) Chef Kate Holowchik was there with her bacon s’mores brownies. Sally Casper was in the courtyard painting.

IMG_2093Kate previously worked at Les Zygomates in the Leather District before taking the newly created pastry chef position at jm Curley. Did I mention that she didn’t use any butter in this recipe, just the bacon fat she rendered from the bacon on top of the brownie….yum!

Check out Soon Spoon’s next pop up dinner! They’re partnering with Kitchensurfing!

What: Indonesian Family Style Dinner

SoonSpoon and Kitchensurfing are teaming up to bring you a 5 course family style Indonesian dinner by Chef Retno Pratiwi with 5 beers paired by Gabe Bellegard Bastos (beer writer for Eater).  Please join us on Saturday, June 14th to explore, share, and enjoy this authentic Indonesian meal. The menu will feature traditional and unique dishes such as Combro (deep fried grated cassava filled with a spicy sambal tempeh) and Krim Mangga Ketan Item (mango coconut cream with sweet black rice). 

When: June 14, 6pm Where: Private Home, Brookline How Much: $55 Tickets:

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