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IMAG0155I’ve been working on a series with Bon Me, featuring the great people they have working on their trucks called “Meet your Maker“. I decided that I also wanted to try out their brick and mortar location in Cambridge, the Bon Me Noodle Stop, open only on Friday night and all day on Saturday. (Their official hours are: Friday nights 5pm-10pm // Saturday all day 11am-10pm.)

IMAG0146It was a rainy day, so there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic. There were two other tables occupied late on a Saturday afternoon. A host at the door takes your order on an iPad and gives you a number. Grab a seat and they bring your order out to your table when it is ready – and when you are done, you bus your own table.

IMAG0151So what’s on the menu?


[v] corn roasted on the cob sriracha mayo + toasted crumbs, $4

chicken cabbage wraps pickled daikon and korean pepper sauce, $5

[v] wok roasted green beans crispy shallot + garlic, $4

shrimp chips our twist on a snack-time classic! , $3



add a soft egg* to any dish for $2!

chicken and pork meatball rice noodle + lotus root + coconut curry broth, $9

lemongrass chicken glass noodle + roasted cauliflower + chili ginger sauce, $9

[v] spring vegetables  soba noodles + asparagus + soft boiled egg + cilantro-chickpea pesto, $9

chinese bbq pork udon noodles + miso pork broth + charred scallion, $10

lemongrass chicken, chinese bbq pork, or paprika roasted tofu spicy mayo + pork pâté + pickled carrot, $6



bon me banana bread sundae banana bread + vanilla ice cream+ miso chocolate sauce, $5



sparkling mango limeade $4

thai basil limeade $3

thai iced tea $3

hot MEM teas $2

IMAG0152It was a pork kind of day! We had the Chinese BBQ pork sandwich, a sweet and savory Bon Me version of Chinese roasted Char Siu Pork. I LOVE the picked carrots, they add a really nice flavor and texture to any of the dishes at Bon Me.


The chinese bbq pork with udon noodles + miso pork broth + charred scallion was delicious. There were pieces of squash, garlic and bean spouts in the soup as well, a really great lunch on a rainy day. The portions are large, I couldn’t finish! The flavors were bold, certainly a comfort food dish. The noodle dishes are only available at the One Kendall location, they are not offered on the truck, so if you want something really special, stop by their One Kendall location.

Bon Me Noodle Stop

One Kendall, Cambridge, MA

Bon Me Noodle Stop on Urbanspoon

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