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IMG_4421I had seen the BBQ truck around the Greenway and caught up with them on City Hall Plaza one afternoon.
IMG_4420Lilian Wang was born and raised in Texas, and came to Boston for college. Missing the food, she decided to start her own line of bbq rubs and sauces.
IMG_4422The cornbread side is really a cornbread muffin, and it was delicious – really moist paired well with the pork.
IMG_4423We grabbed a slider and a cup of chowder for $7.99. A slider by itself is $3.99 which my coworker paired with a cornbread side ($2). The pulled pork was so tender and flavorful and the slider was just the perfect size for lunch.
IMG_4424I wouldn’t have thought that homemade clam chowder could be this good from a BBQ truck – but boy was I wrong. I LOVE this clam chowder, lighter than the traditional chowder, with tons of clams and potatoes – and a really nice smoky flavor with pieces of bacon! Awesome food on this truck, and quick, friendly service! I placed my order and had my food in under 4 minutes! I can’t wait to go back and have more chowder!


Lillian’s Smokin Rack BBQ

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