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commonwealthChef Nookie Postal was at the New England Food Expo and ever since then, he has been all over my radar. Commonwealth, located in Kendall Square, is a market – restaurant hybrid. You can go in for a family style meal and pick up a gallon of milk on your way out. They sell fresh produce, jams, cheese and my favorite, ice cream. Check out his Kickstarter video here.  I saw Chef Nookie post the labels of his new flavors on Instagram and I was instantly hooked (and his proper breakdown of a peep photo had me laughing!) So I run down after work to Cambridge (they have validated parking!) and picked up 4 pints. Check out the tweet:


Follow Chef Nookie on Twitter – he’s pretty amusing.

IMG_4439Easter Basket ice cream, chopped up peeps, mini Cadbury eggs and jelly beans.

IMG_4444There were all kinds of textures going on here, and I think I got all of the black and purple jelly beans in my pint, but the Cadbury eggs really made this ice cream.

IMG_4440I love the name.

IMG_4450So this one had more cake than ice cream, which I liked. The big chunks of cream cheese were a little weird for me, but that didn’t stop me and my co-workers from devouring this pint.

IMG_4441Of course I had to get vanilla, a classic.

IMG_4442And to cleanse the palate, the lemon lime sorbet was a tart and refreshing choice. Stop in to Commonwealth to try any (or all) of the rotating seasonal ice cream flavors!


11 Broad Canal Way, Cambridge, MA

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