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IMG_1054This is the second part to the “Meet Your Maker” series. See my first post about the Bon Me orange truck here.

IMG_1065Last Saturday, I tracked down the Bon Me truck in Harvard Square. They sit outside of the science center – you have to walk through Harvard yard to get there.

IMG_1072They have a great area with tables and chairs right next to where the food trucks park.

IMG_1073…and some more unconventional seating.

IMG_1074There are three picnic style tables with some cover to keep you cool on a hot day. So it was the ladies on Saturday, holding down the truck!

IMG_1055Meet Manager Phi Lang!

Thee fun facts about Phi:

  • She hasn’t gone a day without eating Bon Me since she started almost a year ago!
  • Her adopted sister Megan is also a trucker for Bon Me.
  • Her current crush is Bob Belcher. Her current hero is Tina Belcher.

When I asked what she would be doing if she wasn’t working on the Bon Me truck, she said she would be back in school, but elementary school, like Billy Madison.

Phi said that her favorite part about working on the truck is getting to know the customers. Prepping the same food every day is only fun because she knows people look forward to it!

Phi’s favorite menu item is the miso pork sandwich with jalapenos…washed down with a chocolate rice pudding! Or maybe the tea egg? Or the spicy ginger lemonade?

IMG_1067Meet Isabella Tassinari! She has been on the truck for a little over 2 months.

Thee fun things about Isabella:

  • She is graduating from BU this week! (GO TERRIERS!)
  • Her shoes are a size 2 1/2
  • She has a soft spot for obese cats (who doesn’t?!?)

If she wasn’t working on the Bon Me truck she would most likely be lounging in her bed, eating ice cream while trying to get a job working at a film festival.

The best parts about working on the truck are the meals and her coworkers, both of which are consistently awesome.

Her favorite meal? She love, love, loves the chocolate rice pudding and the deviled tea eggs – she could eat them all day long!

IMG_1095Meet Catherine Aust! She’s an environmental studies major at Northeastern.

Three fun things about Catherine:

  • She was born and raised in Alabama (but doesn’t have a southern accent).
  • She worked on an organic farm in Costa Rica for 6 months.
  • She is planning a long backpacking trip through Southeast Asia next year and is probably most excited about the food!

Q: If I didn’t work on the Bon Me truck, I would be _______

A: Homeless (gotta pay the rent somehow!)

Catherine has been working on the truck since January and says the best part about working on the truck is the fast paced work environment! She also loves working with such fresh and delicious ingredients.

Her favorite menu item is definitely a vegetarian tofu sandwich with extra, extra spicy mayo!

IMG_1082After chatting with the girls, we grab a bite to eat and relax!

IMG_1085We get a thai basil limeade (left) and an iced green tea (with no sweeteners!) – both delish on this humid day.

IMG_1087Check out the pulled pork udon noodle salad with the toasted sesame dressing! I love all the crunch in this dish – the onions, the sprouts and the pickled carrots!

IMG_1135And as a fun surprise, the Harvard alumni jazz band played a concert while we were there!

Check out all of the Bon Me food trucks! Locations on their website. And check out their Noodle Stop, open Friday nights and all day Saturday.

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