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IMG_1299SoonSpoon is about 60 days old and they already have over 1,000 people signed up on their email list. For those that actually make last minute reservations through their website, you get first shot at their amazing pop up events. This one, a southern family dinner, was at a private home in the South End on Sunday night. Chef Jade Taylor, sous chef at Bondir, was cooking up a four course meal. Fourteen people showed up for this dinner – and it was really refreshing to be with such an interesting group of people who were brought together by their common love of food.

IMG_1285First course: Hooligan and pistachio tartlets – Hooligan cheese is a soft cows milk cheese. These were so savory and delicious.

IMG_1293Pickled shrimp with sauce gribiche. I loved this dish, it was really bright and light with a little zip at the end – a really nice summertime dish.

IMG_1278Chicken in aspic with ramp jam – another really nice summer time dish and the ramp jam knocked it out of the park!

IMG_1279The table was simply set – the tulips were just lovely.

IMG_1281Jade’s sous chef Peter was in the kitchen helping with all the prep work!

SoonspoonJonathan Fenelon, Assistant General Manager at Clio/Uni provided the wines for the night. When we were gathering before dinner, we sipped on cremant du jura. As we sat down to dinner, we drank a 2012 Hanzell Sebella Chardonnay; moved on to a Chilean wine, a 2012 Mayu Pedro Ximenez that was quite dry and paired well with the seafood; with the meat we moved on to a 2010 Domaine Maestracci Corse Calve E Provi. And for dessert we had a 2003 Otter Muscat from Alsace.


I don’t usually like vegetables, but how can you resist a dish this colorful? The carrot salad was dressed with tarragon and cucumber and had raw milk cottage cheese that was creamy and salty.

IMG_1315The main course was slow roasted beef brisket with black eyed peas and pork shank. The brisket was served with Louisiana mustard sauce and fish pepper hot sauce (home made of course).


The amazing chef, Jade Taylor, with her sour cream pound cake covered in a caramel sauce and served with a sassafras jelly and rhubarb.

IMG_1302Hoe beautiful is this cake? I have to admit that by the time that we got to dessert, I twas completely full, but the cake was too good to pass up!


One of the guests requested gluten free offerings, which the chef accommodated – check out how amazing these brownies look!

So check out SoonSpoon and make your reservation today!

Follow Chef Jade Taylor on Twitter and visit her at Bondir.

And Jade will also be hosting an event on June 15th at Merrill and Co., a southern buffet of sorts called “Supper Y’all“. I heard a rumor that there will be grilled oysters!

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