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IMG_4402El Centro is located in Brookline Village, near the Edible Arrangements store.

IMG_4403The space is small, but a large mural and bright colors help open up the space. It’s fairly quiet on a weekday night, with about 3 other tables sat, but they were doing quite a bit of take out.

IMG_4404I’m a glutton for punishment, coming here fresh from a trip to the Bacon Truck for lunch…

IMG_4405We start with the guacamole ($8) topped with cheese – very fresh and super delicious.

IMG_4406Check out the salty goodness on these chips!

IMG_4410We also had the chicken empanada ($5) that was stuffed with cheese. The crust was flaky and light while the chicken inside was really nicely seasoned.

IMG_4409We ordered the chimichanga ($15) that was way too much for us to eat in one sitting. It is a Mexican style flour wrap stuffed with shredded beef, pan fried and then covered in salsa. Yum! Really bright colors and flavors in this dish.

IMG_4407We also ordered the camarones papantla which was shrimp, wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese. ($22) It came with a side of rice and a bright avocado and corn salad. A really delicious meal and a well balanced plate. I was delighted by the flavor of the rice, it helped balance the bold flavor of the shrimp. I love the corn and avocado salad, I think that I will try to replicate it at home! Overall a really good meal, we left feeling satisfied. What restaurant do you think has the best guacamole?

El Centro Dos

236 Washington Street, Brookline, MA

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