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IMGA good friend of mine, my most craft-tastic friend, asked me if I wanted to take a calligraphy class. Always up for anything once, I said sure, why not? She sends me the link to the class schedule and low and behold, I know the woman running the class. We met a few years ago when she addressed some envelopes for me. And when we met back then, another small world – she went to high school with one of my good friends. I love Liz, she is super talented and is fun to boot! We sign up for her beginners class – prices are $75 per person for a two hour class or $130 when you and an friend register at the same time. Here’s the beginner’s class description from her website:

Beginners Class Description
A small group workshop (max 8 students) designed for beginning enthusiasts, to get people inspired about the joy of
calligraphy in a relaxed, comfortable studio setting. I teach the basics of the traditional technique of dipping a steel
nibbed pen into a bottle of liquid acrylic ink, introducing you to my favorite beginner’s lettering style “Elegant” – my version of
the classic Italic alphabet…with a modern twist!  I focus the instruction on recommendations & suggested goals for personal
practice & study following the workshop, dozens of cool ideas for using your calligraphy skills,  interactive instruction &
some 1-on-1 guidance.

Calligraphy pen, nibs, ink, worksheets/guidelines & take-home practice materials are all provided – no need to bring anything.

Each class is held in our lovely design studio, a short walk from SOUTH STATION (NOTE: we have moved from our North End
storefront of many years as of 5.31& are now on South Street in The Leather District)
.  Tons of sample work on display.

Coffee/tea/water will be offered.

We start off by familiarizing ourselves with the pen and nib. We practice our thick and thin lines. If you look at the above sheet, we follow step by step instructions and write our own letters underneath. The B’s and the D’s were killing me.

IMG_0002Once we get the muscle memory going, we are on our own to practice letters. I think my B’s get worse as you go down the column!  The class goes by way to quickly – we are having so much fun! We end the class working with different colored inks and different patterns/textures of paper. Check out Liz’s website and sign up for a class with a friend – it’s a fun and different way to spend a few hours!

Lettering by Liz

Located in the Leather District

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