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IMG_0754Were you at Pax East this past weekend? I wasn’t, but I attended the IC launch party at Guilt nightclub.

IMG_0755No idea what Pax East is? It started in 2004, it’s consumer show, where people come, listen to music, beta test games, play next gen and classic video games, and check out unreleased hardware. Have a favorite developer? He or she might be speaking on a panel at the event.

IMG_0757Check out these fun drinks, pictured is the Atlanis Gambit: Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice and lime.

IMG_0758Mei Mei provided the snacks for the evening! I had the kung pao braised beef nachos that were quite delicious!  Good thing we got there early, people were lining up to try Mei Mei’s food!

IMG_0763Here are the sweet and spicy candied peanuts. Yum!

Pax East

Mei Mei Street Kitchen


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