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IMG_4392I have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the Bacon Truck. We hit the Bacon Truck up on the Greenway (thank goodness the line wasn’t that long, I could hardly contain my excitement!) I love the wrap on their truck!

They have a sign on their truck that says that any of their menu items can be ordered without bacon. I tweeted at them asking if this actually happened in real life, people ordering food from the bacon truck sans bacon. They said it’s happened once or twice…

IMG_4395No contest, I ordered the hangover sandwich: bacon, bacon hash, havarti cheese and a fried egg. Admittedly, not the most lady like thing to eat at the office, but man was it delicious. If you follow my blog, you know I’m a sucker for anything with a fried egg, and add double bacon-y goodness and I am in heaven.

IMG_4400My spirits expert Mark joined me for lunch and had the side of bacon hash and the habanero pickles (they had a good kick to them that met Mark’s high spice standards). Overall a great meal – we’ll be back soon!

The Bacon Truck


2014 Schedule:
Sunday – SOWA Open Market May through October
Monday – Lunch @ Cleveland Circle
Tuesday – Dinner @ Belvedere St. by The Pru
Wednesday – Lunch @ Rings Fountain by the Aquarium
Wednesday – Dinner @ Seaport Blvd. by Courthouse Station
Thursday – Lunch @ Belvedere St. by The Pru
Thursday – Dinner + Late Night @ Opera Place at NEU
Friday – Lunch @ City Hall Plaza

Lunch 11 – 2:30, Dinner 3 – 8:30

Check out their menu: 2014-4-8 21 12 45

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