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IMG_0623Bon Me is run by husband and wife team Patrick Lynch and Ali Fong. They decided to enter the City of Boston’s food truck contest on a whim, and won. Three years later, they have 4 food trucks and a brick and mortar restaurant under their belt.

IMG_0643Tru and Zac manage the Orange truck that hangs out in Dewey Square (South Station) every day 11:30am-2:30pm. Stop by and say hello!

IMG_0640Their premise is simple, pick a dish (sandwich, rice bowl or noodle salad), choose your filling (check out the extras) and grab a drink!

IMG_0651A lot of people, me included, write about the food. I wanted to write this series to help you get to know the people who serve you your lunch a little better. It’s always nice to put a name to face! I met up with the orange truck last Thursday, and asked them to share 3 fun things about themselves.

Meet Megan!

  • Megan is a fellow terrier (go BU)!) that studied journalism – we both agreed that we are more comfortable behind the camera instead of in front of it.
  • She is currently in culinary school
  • She’s a Yankees fan (don’t hold it against her!)

JuanMeet Juan!

  • Juan went to Berkelee
  • He’s a Dodger fan (hey where are all the Red Sox fans on this truck?!!)
  • He actually works on 3 food trucks (but Bon Me is his favorite)

If Juan wasn’t working on the Bon Me truck, he’d either be a server or a full time musician.


IMG_0659Meet Brian!

  • Brian is a Red Sox fan (thank goodness, there has to be at least one on the truck to represent!)
  • He’s originally from Oklahoma
  • At a whopping 5’4″, he is the tallest person in his immediate family

If he wasn’t working on the Bon Me truck, he’d probably be doing medical research. Bonus: Brian’s wife was Ali’s roommate in college!


IMG_0660Of course I had to get some lunch while I was at the truck, all that photo taking and interviewing made me hungry!!

IMG_0662I brought back a rice bowl (seasonal greens, bean sprouts, shredded carrot and daikon, and cilantro) with the miso braised pulled pork.

bonmeThere is something really great (and delicious) going on here, well seasoned meat, great textures and flavors, and an amazing smell that made my whole office jealous. Stay tune for more featured makers!

Find the Bon Me truck here:, follow them on Twitter: @bonme

They also have a noodle stop at One Kendall, Friday nights, 5pm-10pm and Saturday all day 11am-10pm

Bon Me on Urbanspoon

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