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IMG_3820Central Wharf Co. is the newest addition to the Glynn Hospitality Group – you may know some of their other restaurants: Granary Tavern (right next door), The Black Rose, Dillon’s, Brownstone, Hurricane O’Reilly’s, Coogan’s, Clerys, and Sterling’s.

IMG_3822Address sound familiar? Central Wharf took over the space that was formerly Jose McIntyre’s.They just took the old sign down in the beginning of March!

IMG_3823I met a couple of my old interns out for drinks after work.


We were pleasantly surprised at the live music on a weeknight.

Central Wharf Co.

Check out Joe Carson – wickedly talented.

IMG_3821After a quick toast with my champagne cocktail, toasting to being reunited with friends, we decide we need something to hold us over.


We have the trio of dips ($10) hummus, olive tapenade, herbed cheese, served with grilled pita chips and veggies. The food was good, our bartender was great – we enjoyed her company, a good night over all.

See my Favecast video here:

Central Wharf Co.

160 Milk Street, Boston, MA

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