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IMG_4086Sam Singer, a Watertown native, and graduate of Hobart college, started Train Gum in in his dorm room (where all great ideas start). After moving back to the Boston area, he now operates Train Gum out of Somerville.

IMG_0116Wanting to bring gum into the natural foods market, Singer formulated a gum with 5 ingredients: Chicle (the sap from a gum tree), simple syrup (sugar and water), peppermint oil, stevia (a natural zero-calorie sweetener) and rice flour for coating. Because the gum is made with only natural ingredients, it is completely biodegradable, and the muslin bags that serve as the packaging are biodegradable as well. Each piece of train gum is hand wrapped and the bags are re-usable. The texture of the gum when you first chew it is a little firmer than I am used to, but it gets softer the more you chew it. I tried the mint flavor, which was subtle.

IMG_0120The gum, previously only in mint flavor, now comes in grapefruit as well! Bags sell for $2.50 each and come with 8 pieces of gum in each bag. You can buy Train gum online at the website below, or at these stores:

  • Fit to Eat, Portland ME
  • HWS College Store, Geneva NY
  • Formaggio Kitchen, Cambridge MA
  • Spirited Gourmet, Belmont MA
  • Gordon’s Fine Wine and Liquors, Waltham MA
  • Volante Farms, Needham MAY

*Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary bag of Train gum to sample, but all opinions are my own.

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