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IMG_2165What do you get for someone that has everything? Ice cream. Graeter’s (if you haven’t heard about them) is an ice cream company out of Cincinnati, OH. Order a 6 pack for $60 or a 12 pack for $120, you can mix and match your flavors. Graeter’s creates its ice cream 2 gallons at a time, it’s hand swirled and then hand packed into pints. They make nearly 20,000 pints a day!

IMG_2168Really great flavor and texture with the black raspberry chocolate chip. There are huge chunks of chocolate (signature chips) – yum!

IMG_2169Toffee chocolate chip.

IMG_2171They use the same toffee as they do in Heath bars.

IMG_2342Mint Chocolate Chip.

IMG_2343Made with triple distilled peppermint oil and their signature chocolate chips.

IMG_2250Chocolate peanut butter chocolate chip. Their chocolate ice cream that has been fortified with creamy peanut butter flavor and loaded with peanut butter cookie dough pieces and our signature chocolate chips.

IMG_2252Buckeye Blitz.


Just like the Buckeye Candy, this has a chocolate-peanut butter base with peanut butter cookie dough pieces and dark chocolate chips.

IMG_2263Probably our favorite flavor of the bunch was the egg nog.

IMG_2262Check out Grater’s here:


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