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IMG_2997Il Mulino is located on the upper floor of Caesar’s Palace Forum shops.

IMG_3004The restaurant feels like old school New York. The restaurant is a bit pricey, be aware that a soda will run you $5. There’s an interesting mix of people here tonight.

IMG_2998As soon as we are seated, before we even get a menu, we are greeted with a wedge of Parmesan cheese and a plate of fried zucchini. Rather than it feel like a special amuse bouche, it feels like a drop and run. Either way, our zucchini is cold. There was also a garlic bread basket that was a bit soggy.

IMG_2999We are also given a piece of bruschetta and one mussel along with a plate of thinly sliced meat (which I thought was just plated in an odd way). Our “captain” comes over and recites a long list of specials.

IMG_3001I order the porcini and truffle ravioli ($50) that is a special. Pricey but really quite delicious. I was full but wanted to keep eating – the sauce was so delicious.

IMG_3002We also had the Rigatoni bolognese ($28.50) which was also quite good and it felt light compared to the ravioli – an excellent choice.


For dessert, the cheesecake ($14). It was light and just melted in your mouth, definitely one of the top desserts I had while in Vegas. Note that when you get the bill, there is a space to tip the captain and a space to tip the team. The service didn’t miss a step, there was always someone around clearing your plate or fold your napkin. We could have done without the complimentary appetizers (they almost took away from how good I thought the meal was) – but the food itself (the main course and dessert) was delicious, we would certainly go back.

Il Mulino

3500 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV

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