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IMG_4027I’m meeting some old coworkers/friends at Mare for dinner. The weather on Thursday was beautiful, so it was a nice walk from my office. This place will be even better once the summer gets here and they open all the windows!

IMG_4028The Dine Out Boston menu:



3 Oysters–chef choice and 3 Cherrystone Clams

Saute Mussels, Italian style, olive oil, garlic, white wine, spicy

Fried Calamari

Bufala Mozzarella Caprese, heirloom tomatoes, basil, pesto, balsamic reduction


Homemade Gnocchi and Clams, fresh cherry tomatoes

Rock Crab Spaghetti, shrimp, clams, scallops, cherry tomato sauce

Truffle and Spinach Spaghettoni

Butterfly Branzino, homemade potatoes and seasonings, spinach

Stuffed Calamari, lobster, clams, scallop, shrimp, lemon sauce served with broccoli rabe

7 Spice Chicken, cooked under the brick, creamy parmigiano polenta, broccoli rabe


Tiramisu, lady fingers, coffee amaretti, mascarpone

Flourless Chocolate Cake, chocolate ganache, hazelnut gelato, chantilly

Ricotta Pie, sweet ricotta in pastry

IMG_4031I start with the Bufala Mozzarella Caprese: heirloom tomatoes, basil, pesto, and balsamic reduction. Such a beautiful presentation. Everything about this appetizer is delicious!

IMG_4032One of my friend’s gets a selection of oysters (she didn’t do the dine out Boston menu): 2 Howland’s Landing ($2.60 each), a Wellfleet ($2.40), a Cape Maysalt ($2.90) and a Little Pleasant ($2.40). The oysters come with 4 sauces, including a limoncello sauce and a tartar sauce among others.

IMG_4033For my meal, I have the Homemade Gnocchi and Clams with fresh cherry tomatoes. A lovely dish, the gnochhi is very light and the clams are good – the sauce has a really nice flavor.

IMG_4035My friend who did not the do the dine out Boston menu did the stuffed calamari($18.99) and said that it was delicious.

IMG_4036My other friend had the Truffle and Spinach Spaghettoni which was flavorful and cooked perfectly al dente.

IMG_4037For dessert, I ended the meal with the ricotta pie, probably one of the better ricotta pies I have had. Sweet but not too sweet with a dash of powdered sugar on top – I wish I could have finished it, it was that good, but I was quite full from the rest of my meal. The service was good, our waitress was attentive. The tables were a bit too close for comfort here, but we were lucky enough to score a table at the end, so it wasn’t so bad. The restaurant was quite full when we left – a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.


135 Richmond Street, Boston, MA

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