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So a co-worker revealed a hidden talent – he’s a canner. Lucky me, he decided to bring me in the last jar of carrots within days of us meeting!


It took me a while to get the lid open, but well worth the wait. Zared makes these at home, along with all sorts of wonderful goodies. I’m hoping I stay in his good graces to continue to get such tasty treats! The carrots are crisp, with this kick to them at the end – really flavorful. Oh, did I mention that they’re award winning!


And just recently I was able to score some horseradish mustard. Have to admit, not really a mustard loving kind of gal, but will try most anything once. Not your typical mustard and this stuff has a big kick to it. Whew! Can’t wait to try out the kimchee he’s always talking about.

IMG_9363The blueberry cinnamon jam seemed like it might be an unlikely combination, but it was delicious.

IMG_9364I love this on toast, waffles, well, pretty much everything. The cinnamon and blueberry flavors really complimented each other.

IMG_0777And when he got married, he made his own wedding favors! This was peach ginger jam. He’s insanely talented (at a bunch of things) and I’m lucky to call him a friend.

IMG_0390How amazing is this?

IMG_0391A close up of some of the favors. There’s nothing that this guy can’t pickle! Everything he makes is delicious – he challenges me to try new flavors.  Check out his Facebook page:

Zared was also just recently featured in an article in The Bay magazine, check it out here. And here’s a snippet:

Another incubee, Zared Goldfarb, seconds this. His company, Fox Point Pickling Co., hopes to become “Rhode Island’s pickle” by creating hand-crafted, hand-packed pickled vegetables using local RI produce. “Hope & Main is allowing me to follow my dream by providing crucial resources along with education and guidance to help me as an entrepreneur. This is essential for my success given I have limited experience starting my own business,” he says. “In the short time that I have been involved with the program, I have already been able to learn from professional chefs, restaurateurs and other like-minded people who I normally wouldn’t have access to.”


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