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IMG_3417It’s been a while since I’ve been here. We had bought a Living Social deal for Koreana and randomly decided to go in the middle of a snowstorm. While it’s usually packed in here, the snowstorm thinned out the crowd – score for us.

IMG_3418We started with the edamame. Classic, steamed perfectly, each one has a nice bite to it.

IMG_3420The shrimp tempura appetizer. For $10, we were hoping for more than 2 pieces of shrimp, but those two pieces, and the veggies were light and crispy.

IMG_3421The complimentary appetizer dishes that are brought out. I love the kimchee.

IMG_3422The crunchy roll ($11.95) and spicy tuna sushi ($5.50).

IMG_3424The dumpling rice cake soup ($14): sliced rice cake with meat and vegetable dumplings in a beef broth. It was delicious, the best of all worlds, dumplings and rice cakes!! And just to add more noodle goodness, there are clear noodles at the bottom of this dish. It was perfect on this cold winter night.

IMG_3425We also had the dumpling soup (without rice cakes) as an appetizer, which was delicious ($5).

IMG_3428And to finish off the meal,a nice hot cup of tea!

The service was a little stand off-ish and I was put off by the fact that they would roll around a cart and clear off tables by dumping dishes into this bucket (I feel the same about restaurants that scrape plates when clearing tables). It just didn’t seem appetizing. Other than that, we walked out full – the food was delicious.


158 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA

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