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IMG_3237I was dying to try the hand stretched noodles here. The place was packed and we couldn’t get a reservation, so we just went and thought we would try our luck.

IMG_3239We waited 20 minutes for a table – while hostesses walked around aimlessly and while tables sat dirty and empty. You just get the feeling that this place needs to be managed better. A girl comes in drunk and angry from the bar and creates a scene and the hostess doesn’t know how to handle her, so she seats her ahead of the people who have been waiting.

IMG_3241The decor is bright and visually appealing.

IMG_3242I love the goldfish tanks in the front of the restaurant. Our waiter arrives and doesn’t seem to be familiar with the menu. It takes some time to order what we want, and then there is some confusion because certain items that we ordered weren’t available and people told us twice…it was a mess.

IMG_3243Chicken mushroom noodle ($14.99). The noodles came out first. The chef was hand stretching them in the window of the restaurant. The sauce was a little thick and gooey for me, but the dish overall was good.

IMG_3245Beijing No. 9 Soup Dumpling ($11.99), I love soup dumplings, and these were no exception – delish!

IMG_3246Beef pancake ($10.99), these were a little weird – they were hard to eat, the wrapper was hard to cut, it was a mess.

IMG_3247Pan fried beef dumplings ($11.99) just what you would expect for Peking raviolis. I think that we could have done with one less dumpling dish. This restaurant also offers a discounted price to Total Rewards members, and even though I gave the waiter our card, we did not get the discount 😦

The food was good, but maybe we should have gotten take out. They really need to work on their service and running things a bit smoother – right now it feels like a mess.

Beijing Noodle No. 9 in Caesar’s Palace

3570 Las Vegas Boulevard S, Las Vegas, NV

Beijing Noodle No. 9 on Urbanspoon

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