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IMG_2080Clear Flour Bread is located on a side street in Brookline, off the beaten path, but get within a few blocks on a warm summer day and you can follow your nose to the bakery. Clear Flour opens at 9am (on weekends and 8am on weekdays) and on most Saturday mornings, you can find the line started well before 9 and that it is already stretching down the block. This tiny storefront makes authentic French and Italian breads as well as a wide assortment of pastries. Husband and wife team Christy and Abe Faber have grown their business for the last 30 years – it’s a popular neighborhood spot. While it may seem like a small storefront, they have over 30 employees baking day and night (they only close on Thanksgiving and Christmas).

IMG_2081While their breads certainly taste delicious, they are also works of art (they hand form their baguettes). Check out their website for a list of breads and pastries available on any given day. This rustic tart was almost too beautiful to eat.

Clear Flour Bread

178 Thorndike Street, Brookline, MA

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