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IMG_2082As the year ended, our interns finished up their time with us. One of our interns was sweet enough to bring me in a cupcake from Oakleaf Cakes. I’ve never been, or heard of Oakleaf, so I was excited to try this out.

IMG_2083Peppermint is not my favorite flavor when talking about icing, but the cupcake was pretty tasty – especially the cake, I was pleasantly surprised at how fresh it was.

Open since 2008, Oakleaf has grown from a home business to one that has been featured on the Food Network.  They make amazing cakes here, the fondant work is impressive. Check out some of their cakes on their website. Looking forward to stopping in and trying some of their other cupcakes!

Oakleaf Cakes

12 Westland Ave, Boston, MA

Oakleaf Cakes on Urbanspoon

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