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IMG_2569So my two coworkers and I are standing in line waiting to order lunch. We order and someone calls out, “Next”. The guy behind us looks at us, as if to say, “is that you?”, to which I say that we are all set. He then says, “oh, I wasn’t ready…I’m not sure what to order…you’ve been here before, what’s good here?” Apparently being Asian means that I am a regular at every Asian takeout joint in town…despite what he thought, this is our (and my) first time here. They have a well rounded menu, something to appeal to any palette. I had the sweet and sour chicken – they have lunch specials available Until 4:00pm. It is served with your choice of a side. Entree choices – lunch: chicken, pork, vegetable, tofu, shrimp $1, squid $1, scallop $1, beef $1, crispy chicken$1, seafood $2, or duck $2. Side choices: steamed white rice, steamed brown rice$1, or steamed noodles $1.


We also pick up two orders of dumplings, one vegetarian and one with chicken. While the chicken dumplings have a tightly packed flavorful filling inside, it is the loosely stuffed vegetable dumplings that (surprisingly to me) steal the show.

The line, like any place at noon around here, is fairly long, but it moves quickly. There are tables to eat your lunch here (there isn’t much ambiance), but most people are doing takeout. See their menu here.

Thai’s Bistro

184 High Street, Boston

Thai's Bistro on Urbanspoon

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