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IMG_1660Jeni’s ice cream is made in Columbus, OH. Apparently they make great ice cream in Ohio, ’cause my other favorite ice cream is Graeter’s ice cream, and they are located in Cincinnati, OH. My new favorite store, Bees Knees, carries a bunch of flavors in the jeni’s line.

IMG_1662There is no better flavor combination than chocolate and salt. The dark chocolate ice cream is dense and intense and it compliments the salty hazelnuts so well.

IMG_1663_2How jeni’s gets their macaroons to stay soft even when frozen is a miracle of science. It is so chewy, nutty and delicious, this combination can’t be beat!

IMG_1896We also pick up a pint of sweet corn and black raspberries. Corn ice cream you say?!?! Well, it may sound odd, but the flavor is mild and doesn’t taste like you might think…well yes it tastes like corn, but…I guess you just have to try it.

IMG_1898The black raspberries are like jam mixed throughout the ice cream, yum!

Jeni’s comes in a variety of flavors, some you totally wonder why you didn’t think of that first, and others you might scratch your head at, but they are all delicious. Some of their flavors are:

  • brambleberry crisp
  • pistachio and honey
  • brown butter and almond brittle
  • wildberry lavender
  • riesling poached pair sorbet
  • whiskey and pecans
  • goat cheese with red cherries
  • sweet potato with torched marshmallows
  • hot toddy sorbet

Check out their full line on their website. You can even order online and have Jeni’s delivered to your door! Dangerous!


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