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IMG_1578Located on Farnsworth Street, right next to Flour Bakery, Bees Knees is a 5,500sq ft specialty goods shop that has some of my favorite products.

IMG_1579In addition to specialty goods, Bees Knees also hosts a deli and cafe where you can order a sandwich or grab a smoothie to go. They have an extensive wine and craft beer selection along with a selection of 300 farmstead cheeses and an amazing chocolate cafe if you’re itching for something sweet.

IMG_1580Check out all of the great pastas…

IMG_1595Effie’s Oatcakes $5.75 are my favorite, try it with some Pelloni Farm berry patch jam. One word. Heaven.

IMG_1604They have a great selection of coffee, we bought this one from Bongo Java for $15 and thought we would give it a spin.

IMG_1603Fentimans Cherry Cola $10 definitely has an acquired taste.

IMG_1601Fine Cheese Company Toast for Cheese $9 is pretty tasty with soft cheese as the toast itself is quite delicate.

IMG_1600Cookie Monstah Oatmeal Raisin Cookies $9 – love these guys, and so glad there is a place that stocks their cookies – you know, just in case you can’t get to the truck!

IMG_1599Savannah Bee Company Honeycomb $20 is one of my all time favorite products. People are wowed by this, it just gives your cheese plate that extra little something.

IMG_1598Hammond’s PB&J chocolate bar $3.75 tasted more like peanut butter than jelly, but it was delicious.

IMG_1717They have a ton of chocolate bar choices here.

IMG_1597We also picked up the Wild Ophelia Sweet Cherry Pecan chocolate bar $4.25

IMG_1596Vermont Pickle Snap Peas $6. I was impressed that they had this product! I had heard about this place and couldn’t wait to try the snap peas! Glad to see that they have made it to Boston, you don’t want to miss these!


Jeni’s sweet corn and blackberry ice cream $12.50 was delicious. The black raspberries were like jam swirled inside the ice cream, it did not disappoint.

IMG_1660I think my favorite product was the Jeni’s chocolate hazelnut macaroon ice cream sandwich. The dark chocolate ice cream was rich and went well with the salty hazelnuts. The hazelnut macaroon was like heaven, I kid you not. Jeni’s Chocolate Hazelnut macaroon $7.50

Bee’s Knees Market

12 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA

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