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IMG_2084Bernard’s used to be tucked in a corner in the Chestnut Hill mall, but has since moved over to the new construction, “The Street”. We were going to head to the Shake Shack, but the line was out the door, so we decided to try out Bernard’s for the first time. We’ve heard only good things about this place. There was a good crowd here – lots of people a the bar watching the game, and a lot of large parties in the back. They found a table for us in back, next to the chain link curtain that separates a section off the larger room into a semi private area.

IMG_2085We started with the chicken spring rolls ($4.75) which were crispy and pretty par for the course as far as spring rolls go.

IMG_2086We liked the pan fried Peking raviolis ($6.95).

IMG_2087The beef teriyaki ($7.50) were well seasoned and perfectly cooked. They were the best appetizer of the three.

IMG_2088The chicken lo mein ($8.50) was tasty and well prepared, not greasy at all.

IMG_2089The pork fried rice, a staple of any Chinese food meal we have!


The Mongolian beef was excellent, the best  dish of the night. The meat was well seasoned, and tender, while the rice crisps added a nice texture.


The General Tso’s chicken ($15.95) was good – a little sweet and a little spicy. Service here was spotty at times, but good overall. We would certainly go back for another meal here.


55 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill, MA

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