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IMG_1776The Old Man and the Sea is located quite a distance from the high rise hotels (it is past the airport). To attract more patrons, they provide a one way ride to the restaurant from your hotel and you pay the taxi driver on the way home (around $30). We have a great taxi driver who tells us that they are planning on building a Hard Rock Hotel where the old Bushiri hotel used to be, and then they are putting a freeze on building more hotels.

IMG_1775When you arrive at the restaurant, you walk down a wooden pathway draped with sheer white curtains. Romantic right?

IMG_1773The place seems like it would be straight out of a movie.

IMG_1752While most of the tables are located on the beach, there are a few special tables – two have their own private dock on the water and one is a poster bed on the beach.

IMG_1760Here is the larger table on it’s own private dock. We thought there was a wedding reception, but wait, it’s the prime minister of Aruba. Oh you know, no big deal 😉

IMG_1759Some of the tables on the beach are covered by tents, some have couches, there are candles and lanterns providing ambiance all around the beach.

IMG_1757The menus are hand painted.

IMG_1754We are the only other party besides the prime minister until we get to dessert, and then two other tables are sat.

IMG_1753How amazing is this? Next door is the Flying Fishbone restaurant, which we definitely want to try on our next trip.

IMG_1764  It’s pretty dark so the pictures aren’t very good. We start with the pear and walnut salad: Mixed greens served with pear, feta cheese crumbles, candied walnuts, bacon pieces accompanied with a raspberry vinaigrette.IMG_1768We both had seafood dishes, neither were memorable enough to blow us away.



We ended the night with a non traditional tiramisu that was light and delicious. A great way to end a meal.Certainly worth a trip here just for the amazing views.

The Old Man and the Sea

Savaneta 356-A, Savaneta, Aruba

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