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IMG_1722Everyone who we know how has been to Aruba RAVES about Madame Janette’s. In all the years that we have been coming to Aruba, we have never been (GASP)!

IMG_1723It’s a lovely restaurant with covered and outdoor seating. It has a casual atmosphere with a man playing guitar and serenading you while you eat your meal. The couple in the picture on the left got engaged the night we were there.

IMG_1724While it doesn’t feel like it is crowded, the restaurant is pretty large and there are still a good amount of people here.

IMG_1726We start off with Madame’s Lobster Raviolis ($17) Daily made from scratch. Stuffed with Lobster, Mushrooms, Spinach and Ricotta Cheese sautéed in Sage Butter and sprinkled with Reggiano. There are two per serving and although I’m not in the mood to share, I do. They are delicious – I could have had 6 of these for my meal. They also drop off a bread basket with pickled onions and garlic butter. Nothing says romance like garlic and onions.

IMG_1727We order  The original “Almond Grouper” Invented in 1999 at Madame Janette. Often copied, Never reached! A fine Grouper filet in a coat of Almonds served with a Creamed Spinach Sauce. The fish has a really nice crunch to it and the creamed spinach sauce is plate licking worthy, but the sauce is a bit heavy for the 90 degree weather that we are in. That being said, this dish was top notch.

IMG_1728We also order the special pasta with chicken parmesan. Again, the sauce was quite heavy for the tropical climate, and it was topped with a mountain of cheese. Of the two dishes, the almond grouper was the memorable one.

IMG_1729For dessert we had the brownie sundae that was so dense and chocolaty we couldn’t make  good dent into it. Overall the meal was good, our server Caroline was charming. We left feeling full but wondering what all the fuss was about.

Madame Janette

Cunucu Abao 37, Noord, Aruba



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