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IMG_1935This year we decided to spend $15 per person (instead of the regular $5 per person general admission price) to shop an hour earlier than the public. Totally worth it, as it can get crowded! This year’s event (it’s the holiday market’s 10th year!) was held at the Benjamin Franklin Institute at 41 Berkeley Street. I only picked up a few things this year, but they are great finds!

IMG_1948Check out these AMAZING ornaments from Boo Kee Sue. They are wire framed animals that are covered in decorative tissue paper. She hand makes every ornament with whatever tissue paper she has in stock, so each one is unique! The cow was $35 – how cute is this?

IMG_1946Check out her Etsy site here. The fox was $25. I love the detail on the tail.

IMG_1944And check out some of her images on her Flickr page here. The elephant was $40.

IMG_1943This will be a great addition to my elephant collection – I love this guy – isn’t he adorable!

IMG_1937These would make great gifts – and I had every intention of giving them away, but they are too cute and I kept them all for myself!

IMG_1936Other animals I had my eye on were the flamingo and the swan.

IMG_1942Another favorite that I had from last year’s market is Abby Berkson Ceramics. I bought two great mugs last year and decided to add this cute whale bowl to my collection. I LOVE her designs! Check out her website here. She also does personalized items that would be great for baby gifts!

Feeling a little low on energy? Did you shop until you dropped? No problem, Union Square Donuts to the rescue! (and you KNOW how much I love them!)

Yelp was at the event doing FREE gift wrapping, which I’m sure was much appreciated by everyone shopping! Take a look here for the vendors at the event this year.

Sowa Holiday Market

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