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IMG_7557I had seen this in a magazine and was dying to try it out. Deodorant isn’t a very glamorous thing to talk about, but here I am. Kai comes in a variety of other products, including: candles, hand cream, perfume oils, body lotion, body scrub and shampoo. See the whole line here.

IMG_7558A translucent formula combines vitamin E, chamomile and plant extracts with natural skin-conditioning sugars to control moisture and keep you feeling dry, fresh and subtly kai-scented throughout the day. Aluminum-free and great for sensitive skin. At $24 it seems like this is expensive, but it is long lasting and you won’t be disappointed. Sometimes you just need to splurge.  Speaking of splurge, I pick mine up at Corbu Spa – where I go from time to time. My massage therapist Katie closed her private practice after years and now works here. See previous posts: Conversations with Katie, Flat Patties, Double Dutch, Za Pizza and Great Finds and Trader Joes.

IMG_7548Corbu spa is located in the Charles Hotel. Check out their Facebook page for specials. They also offer validated parking, $10 for 3 hours in the hotel garage.

IMG_7550The waiting area has big comfortable puffy chairs – very relaxing while you’re waiting for your service.

IMG_7716The locker room is clean and there are a variety of products that you can sample. Make sure to check out the steam shower while you’re here, it’s life changing. 😉

IMG_7717The locker area is a bit small, and only one person can really be there at a time and be comfortable. I try to go at non peak times – the weekends are definitely busier.

IMG_7918The rooms are dim and cozy, perfect for optimal relaxation. See their website for a full spa menu. The beds are heated and they are electric, quite relaxing actually. So stop in today and take a break from the holiday grind – or pick up a gift certificate and give the gift of relaxation this year. I am sure that all the people there are excellent, but see Katie if you are getting a massage, you will be glad you did.

Corbu Spa

5 Bennett Street, Cambridge, MA

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