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IMG_1552A cold day calls for soup, and in this instance, Ramen! A few coworkers and I run out to Wagamama to pick up some soup. I call ahead and am placed on hold for 5 minutes. I hang up and call back and my order is taken right away. When we head to the restaurant, we see why…the place is packed, there is no one working the host stand, and the host is running around trying to fill take out orders while managing the staff that seems to be wandering needing some guidance.

IMG_1545The lid above is from the spicy ramen, how cute right? I get the good old standby chicken ramen, noodles in a chicken and pork broth topped with marinated grilled chicken breast, baby spinach, menma and scallion. You can order any of the soups with vegetable broth and many of the soups can be made vegetarian (with tofu instead of meat) so there is something for everyone. They even offer gluten free options. For around $12, you get a TON of chicken and a good portion of noodles, this is certainly enough for two meals!


Faneuil Hall in the Quincy Marketplace, Boston, MA

Wagamama on Urbanspoon

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