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IMG_1217Foumami is one of my go to spots for lunch these days. I convinced myself that ribeye sandwiches aren’t healthy to get every day (even though they are mighty delicious), and I decided to branch out and try new things here. The glass noodle salad above($7.55) comes with  glass noodles, spinach, carrots, egg omelet, wood ears, seared-steamed chicken breast, sesame seeds, soy sesame dressing. There’s nothing in the description that mentions anything hot right? But man, do those glass noodles pack a punch. I wish I had ordered extra scallion pancakes with the salad to offset the heat. That being said, minus the heat I really enjoyed this salad.

IMG_1502On another occasion I tried the chicken teriyaki rice bowl special. There was loads of chicken on top of a bed of brown rice and steamed veggies on the side. The dish was tasty albeit a bit salty at moments.


225 Franklin Street, Boston, MA

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