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IMG_0824On a weekday night, I have a major craving for ramen. Wait, every day I have a craving for ramen…so I grab one of my friends and we head over to my current favorite ramen spot, Myung Dong 1st Ave for so ramen and k-pop.

Don’t have a clue what k-pop is? Check out this video, it was playing while we ate.

IMG_0825We go with some standby favorites for apps, the scallion pancakes are substantial with a great scallion flavor.

IMG_0826I could eat mandoo for days – these are pretty tasty, they are fried beef dumplings.

IMG_0827And the ramen just hits the spot. The broth is spicy and makes your lips tingle. I get the dduk ramen with rice cakes, and man does this hit the spot. This place is usually pretty empty on the week days but on the weekends it is mobbed. There are only 2 other tables seated when we arrive.


Myung Dong 1st Ave

90 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA

Myung Dong 1st Avenue on Urbanspoon

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